By NSHM | Jun 1, 2024

NSHM Knowledge Campus: Offering Diverse Educational Opportunities

NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata, a renowned educational institution in India, has been fostering the growth and development of young minds since its inception in 2006. At NSHM, students have access to various undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various fields with opportunities for interdisciplinary education in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The institution offers courses in Media & Design, Business and Management, Hotel and Tourism Management, Health Sciences, and Computing and Analytics.

NSHM Business School

NSHM Business School offers experiential learning opportunities through valuable connections with international institutions. The school collaborates with the Malaysia University of Science and Technology, providing students with an immersion program comprising classroom sessions and industry visits facilitated by an esteemed international faculty team. Additionally, through a partnership with CMA, students engage in live case studies led by industry professionals to enhance their skill set and knowledge. The Bombay Stock Exchange Institute has partnered with NBS to provide training and certification in the financial market. The courses offered include BBA in Accountancy, Taxation & Auditing with BSE Certification. Furthermore, the collaboration with IIT KGP aims to foster entrepreneurship among NSHM students through year-long initiatives. NSHM’s partnership with NEN empowers students with essential business skills through a multi-level certification program focused on developing entrepreneurial mindset. The school offers an extensive range of UG & PG specialisations including MBA, Master of Hospital Administration, BBA, BBA (Hospital Management), BBA (Sports Management), BBA (Global Business), and BBA (Accountancy, Taxation & Auditing)

NSHM Institute of Health Sciences

NSHM Institute of Health Sciences considered a top educational institution in the healthcare field, focuses on excellence in curriculum, faculty expertise, and modern facilities. Its holistic approach to healthcare education prepares students for future roles as professionals. NSHM emphasizes hands-on learning experiences, recognizing their significance in developing practical skills and real-world knowledge. The institution has formed strategic partnerships with organizations like ZEISS and EMAMI to provide specialized training programs and research-based project work opportunities for students. Collaborations with CINI, FSSAI, Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Lincoln University College, and the University of Naples further enrich the learning experience with student exchange programs, certification courses, and international exposure through seminars or research activities. NIHS offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Pharmacy, Optometry, Psychology, Dietetics & Nutrition, Yoga, and Public Health.

NSHM Institute of Computing and Analytics

NSHM Institute of Computing and Analytics highlights the importance of experiential learning in the field of computing. The institute’s innovative teaching methods and practical knowledge prepare students effectively for the corporate world. As companies increasingly rely on professionals who can handle large volumes of data, NSHM provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and tailored academic support to meet these evolving needs. Collaborations with organizations like Analytics Society of India, Celonis, Subex IoT, Amazon Educational Services, Nasscom Future Skills Prime, and Lincoln University further enrich the learning experience. Students benefit from guided analytics programs, certificate courses, business process mining insights, IoT workshops, AWS training resources, self-paced intelligent automation competencies courses, and international internship opportunities. The institute offers a diverse range of courses to cater to educational needs, including Computer Applications, Data Science & Analytics, Information, and Cyber Security.

NSHM Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management

NSHM Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management offers a wide range of UG and PG courses in Hospitality & Hotel Administration, Travel and Tourism Management, as well as Culinary Science, providing students with numerous opportunities. With international paid internships, top-line placements in national and international brands, and graduate, and postgraduate programs, students can pursue rewarding careers in hotel management, hospitality operations, culinary arts, chef training, and travel & tourism. Participating in internships offers students global exposure, practical experience, and the chance to enhance their resumes. It also provides opportunities for cultural immersion, language skill development, and personal growth.

NSHM Design School

NSHM Design School offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Multimedia and Animation, as well as undergraduate courses in Fashion and Interior Design. NDS offers an exclusive partnership with Toonz Animation. This collaboration aims to provide students with hands-on experience, paid internships, and employment opportunities. By engaging in live projects at NSHM-Toonz Incubation Lab, NSHM Design School’s students can apply their skills and gain valuable industry exposure. NDS also has established an exclusive tie-up with The Designer’s Class, which is recognized as India’s premier digital education platform dedicated to design. Through this partnership, NDS students gained access to high-quality design education through TDC’s masterclasses and courses across fashion, interior, jewellery, and graphic design by industry professionals like Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla, Gauri Khan, Kunal Rawal, and Masaba Gupta.

NSHM Media School

NSHM Media School is committed to preparing students for the fast-paced and ever-changing media and entertainment industry, particularly digital. The curriculum for B.Sc & M.Sc in Media Science and B.Sc in Film & Television is a mix of academic rigour and industry need so that the students are industry-ready in the areas of digital journalism, social media marketing, new media, film, television, editing, and photography. Experienced faculty members and renowned industry experts bring real-world insights into the classroom and state-of-the-art studio, ensuring that students acquire practical knowledge and skills that align with industry requirements. Students also run a community radio and get a feel of real-life reporting in the media school’s AV Van. Additionally, internships and placements in renowned media organizations provide valuable industry connections and further enhance career prospects.