By NSHM | Jan 7, 2022

Stand Out from the Crowd: Experience #BestOfBothWorlds with MBA+ from NSHM

Today’s global business environment requires upper-level management and executives to become proficient in foreign markets and negotiate business deals effectively.

Here, top MBA programs in India with an international focus provide aspiring international business leaders with this global awareness through their foundational courses in business administration.

An MBA program develops advanced management skills that serve graduates well in various roles and industries.

Business or industry professionals who want to transition from domestic to international areas of their business or industry often use MBAs with global exposure to acquiring new cross-cultural experiences.

The benefit of MBA that comes with a Global Advantage

  • Global organisations are looking for graduates who can coordinate communication across continents and cultures and who can navigate complex global markets.
  • MBA graduates can pursue various careers in international businesses, including global business developers, international marketing managers, foreign policy advisors, international finance managers, and import or export consultants.
  • MBA graduates can develop a diverse network that will eventually help them land dream jobs.

Pursue MBA+ with NSHM: Empower Your Corporate Career with a Global Edge

NSHM Knowledge Campus, one of the top MBA colleges in Kolkata with a legacy of 25 years. The institution aims to shape brilliant minds by equipping them with the skills to lead the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Students who complete NSHM’s MBA, one of the top MBA programs in India, will be able to successfully establish themselves as thriving business professionals who possess solid multidisciplinary knowledge and technical competence, essential to a global win in their careers.

Their MBA+ is an endeavour towards the same goal.

This MBA program we will discuss in today’s blog is not an ordinary degree to pursue.

Quite simply, it is special and unique because it offers management aspirants a career dedicated to lifelong learning with a commitment to personal and professional development, exceptional work ethics, and a dedication to bettering society by engaging in self-learning and practice.

Impressive? Well, the best is yet to come. Keep reading!

Collaborative Efforts between NSHM & EduCLaaS, Singapore


NSHM Knowledge Campus offers its MBA students the opportunity to earn a PG Certificate in Digital Business & Marketing from EduCLaaS, Singapore, as part of their MBA curriculum.

Students will receive classroom training in the Postgraduate Applied MasterCLaaS in Digital Business & Marketing (PGaDBM).

Notably, specialisations in SEO, content marketing, branding, marketing analytics and web development with real-time industrial applications are part of the classroom syllabus.

Furthermore, as digital marketing experts, NSHM MBA+ students will have the opportunity to pursue 18 months of international paid virtual internships with top-tier multinational brands.

MBA+: A Global Platform for Global Leaders

  • PG Applied MasterCLaaS in Digital Business & Marketing + 2 Year full-time MBA degree.
  • When you finish your MBA, you’ll have 18 months’ work experience with global firms.
  • Ivy League Certification.
  • Some of their global internship partners include SAP, Google, Youtube, Oracle, Microsoft and LinkedIn
  • An assured minimum stipend of US $350 per month will be provided for 18 months of international paid virtual internship.
  • Based on performance during training, the possibility of contract extension into a full-time job with the company.

In addition, this MBA programme provides dual specialisations in Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Management Information Systems, and Healthcare Management.

Assisting You into Becoming Comprehensive Future Managers

NSHM’s MBA+ program leaves no stone unturned to make their students’ industry ready as well as global corporate professionals.

Their curriculum has everything stocked up with what is required in a holistic international MBA program.

Some of its features include:


  • Bootcamps led by industry experts, C-suite executives, and talent acquisition executives.
  • AI-powered resume creation, job interview preparation, and question banks.
  • Celebrity trainers offer Personality Development grooming sessions.

In addition, NSHM’s faculty of about 30 members offers a rigorous training program and a dedicated team of 4 career development professionals to connect students with suitable careers.

The fact that over 3600 students have successfully finished NSHM – MBA programs over the past decade & a half and are working at esteemed organisations both locally and abroad is an accomplishment for the college.

Does NSHM’s MBA Program Leads You Towards the Right Career Choice?

As with any MBA degree, the reward in the form of a higher salary and an international career is dependent on the amount of work you put in during your time in business school.

But with this one of the top MBA programs in Kolkata & Durgapur, you’ll have ample opportunity for diverse teamwork and global business projects and can help you embark on an international career.

This program will teach you to navigate various cultural, legal, and geographical barriers and make you fly high!