By NSHM | Sep 17, 2021

Master the Communication Concepts of English and Foreign Languages

Top Reasons to Choose NSHM Centre of Language and Communication

Human language is indeed the most complex behaviour on the planet. Language includes both
the capacity to comprehend spoken and written words and builds communication in real-time.

Language also empowers us to access existing knowledge, fulfil goals, and recognise as well as
communicate complex social relationships. Language is requisite to our ability to think, and
without it, we would be nowhere near as intelligent as we are.
The significance of language is that it is used to formulate thoughts and ideas in mind,
contemplate and then speak with the help of relevant words in the language. This stimulates
intellectual development whose vital factors are communication skills and language.
Creativity, concentration, problem-solving, and reasoning understanding are necessary tools
primarily dependent upon learning a language.

NSHM Centre for Language and Communication
NSHM Centre for Language and Communication envisions cultivating people skills among its
students to connect competently with the industry, hereby emerging as a successful
professional and social being.
Apart from organising regular English and Business Communication classes for the NSHM
students, the Centre conducts routine classes in English language proficiency, foreign language
as well as employability skills.
The centre also conducts multiple certificate courses, summer/winter camps and workshops,
seminars & conferences in language, linguistic studies, language teaching & communication.

Top Solid Reasons to Join CLC –

● Be fluent in world languages: Centre for Language and Communication at NSHM
offers you linguistic and culturally contextualized opportunities to practice the target
language outside the classroom (e.g., interactions with industry experts through
workshops, seminars and masterclasses).
Bilinguals will have the unparalleled opportunity to communicate with a more all-inclusive range
of people in their personal and professional lives. Language skills can be a meaningful
competitive edge that sets a person apart from their monolingual peers.
● Personality development: CLC adopts student-centred teaching methods that involve
real-world language use and soft skills to develop students’ personalities.
The Graphology course proposed by the Centre for Language and Communication will help the
participants obtain knowledge about the countless traits of personality.
● Boost confidence and interact with ease: The courses with CLC will magnify your
communication skills. They will also make you eloquent enough, which in return will
assist you in achieving your goals.
● Learn skills of not only bagging but retaining the blue-collar jobs: Innovative and
research-based education on language proficiency helps students in acquiring new skills
and resultantly bagging innovative career opportunities in several disciplines such as
management, hospitality, media, design, film, fashion & design.

● Escalate creativity: Courses at CLC will support you in learning new skills, building
confidence and giving a sense of accomplishment. Studying these courses will enhance
creativity and foster new ideas.

Besides, the courses offered at CLC also aims to:

● Enrich life skills
● Nurture interpersonal relationships
● Teach positive self-management skills
● Enhance the power of body language
● Capitalise emotional intelligence for more excellent team working skills
● Upgrade situational awareness
● Heighten networking skills

Opportunities Offered via CLC
The courses at NSHM’s CLC aims to intensify your communication skills and equip you with all
the prerequisites for developing interviews, GD public speaking, negotiation & presentation
skills, etc.
Creative Writing: Explore your potential creative writing excellence by learning to give shape to
your inventive ideas and thoughts in the form of drama scripts, poems, skits, etc. The crash
course would guide you in several aspects of creative compositions like plot and character
development, anecdotes, speech figures and much more.
Literary Reading & Appreciation: Learn the craft of reading creative compositions and the
concepts of critically acknowledging literary pieces. The crash course would cover different
areas of academic reading like scanning, reviewing, interpreting figurative effects & meaning,
analysing impacts & writing critical commentary.
Foreign Language (French): Get exposed to the language & culture of French and learn the
primary usage of the language. The crash course would include basic vocabulary, grammar,