By NSHM | Oct 28, 2022

Industry Trends and Career Prospects of Data Science

Data science is one of the most essential and fastest-growing aspects of many industries today, given the colossal amounts of data being produced. Companies have begun implementing and executing data science techniques to boost the growth of their business and expand customer satisfaction services. Before diving deeper into data science, let’s first understand what it means!

What Is Data Science?

Data science is a subject area that combines subject-matter knowledge, programming abilities, and competence in maths and statistics to pull out important insights from data. Data scientists make use of machine learning principles on several kinds of data, such as text, numbers, photos, video, and audio, to build artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can execute activities that often demand human intelligence. The insights these technologies produce can then be transformed into real commercial value by analysts and business users. Organizations increasingly rely on data scientists to analyze data and make practical suggestions to enhance business results.

Reasons To Study Data Science-

The Harvard Business Review has regarded data scientists as the “sexiest job of the 21st century”, which states that this field is a subject of appreciation and demand in the technical line. But what makes data science so crucial after all? Some reasons to pursue this career are-

  • A Promising Field With Many High-Paying Jobs- Data science is drastically taking over organizations these days. The Higher Education and Outcomes Report, published in July 2019, stated that in comparison to other industries, graduates from ICT make the most money per week five years after graduation. So many experts from various fields, including physics, mathematics, statistics, economics, and engineering, are getting lucrative jobs after data science courses.
  • Learning cutting-edge technologies- One of the most enormous benefits of studying data science includes imbibing technical expertise that will help them in the professional world. The students will be able to learn machine learning, artificial intelligence, as well as data modeling during the course. These domains prepare the students for their role as data scientists.
  • Interpersonal Skills Development- Basic data science skills are required in personal life too. They can be used to analyze research materials in academia, analyze and predict illnesses, optimize current shipping routes, improve the online gaming experience, evaluate athletes’ performances, and create algorithms for many more everyday activities.
  • Build A Side Income- People from data science backgrounds can take up so many more activities like freelancing, blogging, tutoring, and more to generate extra income. Knowledgeable data science graduates can take up writing for the field.

Future Of Data Science-

The developments facilitated by data science and the swiftly advancing technology show that the future is promising. However, this is dependent on the kind and quantity of data businesses can collect. Data science is a vast field of study that combines business knowledge, statistical methods, and computer science.

Data scientists continue to be highly demanded despite the growing use of AI. Artificial intelligence is a key element of machine learning, which is focused on creating self-sustaining frameworks.

Data science and computer information research are expected to grow at a rate of 22% between 2020 and 2030, which is three times faster than the average profession, according to the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics (2021).

Available Roles And Salary

Data science professionals are demanded in every sector and not just in technology. The five major tech companies of the world- Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon hire individuals from across the globe. However, to land such prestigious job profiles, a first-class education is required. Some of the major roles after a data science education are-

  • Data Scientist- Salary: 4.5 Lakhs Per Year- 25.8 Lakhs Per Year

A data scientist analyses huge data sets of an organization using programming and statistical skills.

  • Machine Learning Engineer- Salary: 3.5 Lakhs Per Year- 7.5 Lakhs Per Year

An IT professional specializing in research, development, and design of self-running AI systems to automate predictive models.

  • Data Mining Engineer-  Salary: 1.5 Lakhs Per Year- 3 Lakhs Per Year

They analyze data, create data set processes, produce prediction models, and create algorithms that allow stakeholders to ingest raw data quickly.

  • Data Architect- Salary: 21 Lakhs Per Year

Data architect ensures that the data used to draft a project’s design is reliable, safe, and always accessible to all parties.

  • Infrastructure Architect- Salary: 21 Lakhs Per Year

They ensure all the business systems work efficiently and accommodate the growth of new technologies.

There are a few more jobs like statistician, business intelligence developer, enterprise architect, applications architect, and more.

Why Choose NHSM For Data Science? 

India’s one of the most reputed colleges offering extensive data science education is NHSM. It offers-

  • B.Sc- Data Science
  • B.Sc- Statistics
  • B.Tech- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (Lateral)
  • B.Tech- Data Science (Lateral)
  • B.Tech- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • M.Sc- Applied Statistics & Analytics
  • M.Sc- Applied Statistics & Analytics (BL)
  • M.Sc- Data Science & Analytics (BL)
  • M.Sc- Data Science & Analytics

The goal of NSHM has always been to make students industry-ready by providing the finest quality of education and excellent facilities to the students. Whether it’s professors or placements, NSHM consistently exceeds expectations. The college’s magnificent learning environment enables students to develop into their most extraordinary selves.


So, if you’re captivated by the field of data science and want to establish a prosperous career, you should definitely explore NSHM.