By Team NSHM | Jun 10, 2020

Industry and Job Opportunities with Management Degrees

MBA offer a buffet of variety of jobs in different industries. Here is a list of domains that seek MBA pass-outs for their various job roles:

  1. 1.     Finance & Consulting

The domains in which MBA gets a lion share of jobs are Financing and Consulting. Across industries, platforms and departments, the main reason why national and international firms prefer a MBA over others are:

  • Real time business problem solving skills,
  • Effective communication skills,
  • Sharp presentation skills and
  • Devising appropriate corporate strategy skills.
  1. 2.  Information Technology

After financing and consulting, the next core sector that employs MBAs is Technology, popularly the IT sector. A B-School pass out has takers in both IT and non-IT jobs. IT jobs titles recruiting MBAs include: Business Development Officer, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Marketing Manager, etc. Non IT job titles include Senior Product Manager, Technical Program Manager, Consultant and others. With fast evolving technological advancements and new developments in the tech fields, the industry is growing in leaps and bounds- both nationally and globally. Hence, demand for MBA in Tech sector will also see a steady rise.

  1. 3.  Consumer Products (FMCG)

The next most popular and cash rich sector that recruits MBAs is the consumer product based industry, popularly called the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. It is a vast sector that includes retail, food & beverage, consumer durables, health & hygiene etc. MBA with marketing specialization is mostly the best fit in this sector as most of the operations are based on promotions and sales. Innovative communication and marketing strategy is the key to survival since the sector is purely driven by consumer mindset. The main job titles in this sector are: Retail Buyers, Retail Managers, Business Development Manager, Brand Manager, etc.

  1. 4.  Logistics & Supply Chain:

In the wake of a pandemic like COVID-19, this sector has been well established as the backbone of all the core sectors. Post CORONA also the importance of this sector will not fade with the growing awareness of an innovation opportunity being ripe in this part of the economy. MBA with Supply Chain Management specialization will prove profitable for brighter career prospects in this sector.

  1. 5.  Healthcare:

Hospital administration also requires a strategic focus and business acumen. Not just that, it needs greater focus on crisis and people management as is evident from the current global scenario. For this a Master in Hospital Administration is the way to go. The roles in which a MHA or MBA (Hospital Management) will fit in are hospitals (administration & marketing), insurance companies (claims processing), consultant etc.

  1. 6.  Manufacturing & Production:

India’s Manufacturing industry contributes to almost 16% of its GDP. According to a research, up to 90 million domestic jobs could be created by 2025. Multi-national Companies like TAFE, Cadbury, Harley Davidson, Coca Cola, etc. and many others are expected to either set up or expand larger plants for manufacturing in India. This is good news for B-school pass outs because expansion will lead to

  • Managing and controlling expenses,
  • Planning budgets to utilize funding properly,
  • Mentoring and developing training and development modules and
  • Managing stakeholder relations.

1.7. Entertainment & Media:

The Media industry primarily runs on creativity, to channelize this in an organized, profitable and impactful manner it needs the skill and expertise of MBA. This is one industry that has a mass and global appeal with unmatched growth potential and opportunities galore across Fm channels, advertising agencies, media houses, events, P.R agencies, television, motion pictures and many more.

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