By Team NSHM | Feb 21, 2022

How to select the right B School?

Business schools are excellent places to learn for those who want to pursue a successful career in business. However, all business schools are not the same, and making an informed decision about which b-school to attend may help you establish a successful career as business executives.

In India, the expansion of business education is intimately linked to the promise of future growth in the economy. The Covid-19 epidemic may have shifted the goalposts a little further, but it has also emphasized the necessity of skilled managers in minimizing industrial disruption. Corporate competency includes a combination of extensive knowledge about the business world, a practical understanding of its dynamics, and management abilities. These skills can be acquired from reputable business schools.

However, in recent years, the proliferation of management institutes has made it more difficult for candidates to select the b-school that offers the best mentoring for long-term career advancement. NSHM has been one of India’s prominent business institutions for over a decade, providing industry-relevant business and management education. It provides the top MBA programs in Kolkata and Durgapur, as well as a professional and academic environment and a pleasant campus life, all of which are important for students’ overall growth.

Here are some aspects to consider while choosing a business school:

Curriculum and Course Quality

An excellent curriculum is always a delicate mix of knowledge and expertise. It offers a diverse range of educational opportunities through programmes that are updated regularly to reflect rapidly changing business realities. In prestigious business institutions like NSHM, students’ skills and competencies are enhanced through problem-solving projects, case studies, simulations, and industrial exposure.NSHM is dedicated to providing students with the required expertise and aptitude to become successful corporate executives by merging up-to-date curriculum with industry interaction in the training procedure.


A business school with a solid track record in education benefits from both reputation and experience. It has a vision and objective that are shaped by knowledge acquired only through years of experience. NSHM has a long and glorious history dating back more than a decade. It is dedicated to the mission of developing a pool of next-generation entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders with an uncompromising commitment to ethical behaviour, to shape creative minds and equip them with the abilities to lead national and international organizations.


NSHM is a prestigious business school that has the most experienced and dedicated professors and researchers from all across the country. This group of highly qualified professors possesses the requisite knowledge and skills to teach business students effectively. In addition to academic education, a dynamic faculty will always emphasize the application of concepts to real-world business contexts. NSHM provides an engaging and exciting learning environment with over 300 faculty members who contribute to students’ academic and general development.