By Team NSHM | Sep 28, 2022

How earning an MBA can make you a better entrepreneur

Starting a business can be hard. With so many things to take care of, such as accounting, marketing, customer service among others – it’s no wonder that the odds are stacked against you. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly faced with many difficult decisions. Education can help you make those decisions more effectively. That’s why having an MBA can give you a big advantage in the entrepreneurial world.

Top business schools in Kolkata and beyond are offering MBA curriculum that covers a wide range of business-related topics, including specializations such as Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, Healthcare Management, Operations etc. NSHM, with strong alumni base of 25000+ students, offers specialisation in Management Information Systems focusing on specific areas of business, such as entrepreneurship.

Is MBA necessary for becoming an entrepreneur?

Not, at all. However, MBA gives you an academic as well as professional edge to launch your ideas into real world. Firstly, MBA can provide you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to start and grow a successful business. Secondly, it can help you build a network of contacts within the business world. Thirdly, the knowledge can give entrepreneurs the confidence needed to take risks and pursue their business goals. Whether you are starting a new business or growing an existing one, an MBA can be a valuable asset.

Benefits of earning an MBA:

MBA equips you with the ability to gain a deeper understanding of business. Being one of the top business schools in Kolkata and India, NSHM aims to build a talent pool of next generation entrepreneurs, managers and industry leaders ready to scale the corporate ladder with confidence. Here are some qualities that an MBA can help you develop for a rewarding entrepreneurial journey:

Strategic thinking: An MBA can help you learn how to think strategically, identify opportunities, and make decisions that will help your business grow.

Leadership: An MBA can help you hone your leadership skills, so that you can inspire and motivate your team to achieve success.

Financial management: An MBA can give you the financial acumen to make smart decisions about investments, financing, and other financial matters affecting your business.

Marketing and sales: An MBA can provide you with the skills and strategies needed to successfully market and sell your products or services.

Business operations: An MBA can give you the practical knowledge and experience to effectively manage all aspects of your business, from HR to supply chain management.

Scope of MBA:

The MBA has long been considered the gold standard for business education. For decades, it was the go-to degree for anyone looking to climb the corporate ladder or start their own business. But earning a degree is not enough. As an entrepreneur, you need to be prepared to stand out from the crowd and sell yourself to potential employers. An MBA degree from a reputed college with good accreditation can help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to do this.


While an MBA is not required to be a successful entrepreneur, it can certainly give you an edge over your competition. If you are serious about starting your own business, then pursuing an MBA may be the best decision for you.

If you are considering pursuing an MBA, visit our website and browse through the various programs available to find one that best meets your needs and interests.