By Team NSHM | Oct 17, 2022

How can you boost your career with choice based extended learning?

In today’s world, getting a degree from a renowned institute is very valuable. But did you know that a piece of paper indicating your qualification is not enough to amplify your career growth? 

You can’t learn everything through books, sometimes it is essential to be open to learning different skills from people from different spheres of life. 

The education industry is evolving daily, and only some institutes like NSHM can help you discover the newest industry trends. 

In the professional world, other skills and knowledge are significant to stand out from the crowd. Knowing the management concepts by heart can be a plus point but it will not make any difference if you lack good communication, leadership or problem-solving skills. 

To support students with such opportunities, NSHM has emerged with great courses under their extended choice based learning. 

What is the meaning of CBEL?

Choice Based Extended Learning is a system designed to allow students to explore different multidisciplinary courses of their extended choice and liking. These courses stimulate students to evolve their critical thinking. 

For example, the teaching is in reverse mode starting from an end story with a guided 7-step completion. Where, students are motivated to create intermediary steps for improved version of their end story, thereby demonstrating critical thinking alongside design and lateral thinking. Students at NSHM have the option of extend their learning across a range of around CBEL courses. The duration of these courses last between 20-40 hours. A student is required to have at least 1 CBEL course completion during one particular semester. 

Different CBEL courses at NSHM –

NSHM provides a plethora of CBEL courses to ensure better learning opportunities and the interpersonal growth of students. Some of the CBEL courses earmarked for 2022-23 are listed below, which is not limited to:

  • Fundamentals of Exploratory Data Analysis & Statistical Thinking in Research
  • Mental Wellness Course
  • Tourism Destination Management
  • Music Dance and Appreciation
  • Sculpting and 3D Art
  • Data Protection in the Digital Business
  • Product Photography
  • Economic Evaluation of Various Diseases
  • Customer Relationship Management in Tourism
  • Monetizing Digital Content
  • Habitat Interior Design & Development
  • Fundamentals of Exploratory Data Analysis & Statistical Thinking in Research
  • International Travel Formalities
  • Scientific Writing
  • Tourism Research and Data Analysis
  • Physical Fitness and Wellness Course
  • History of the Performing Arts
  • Event Management
  • Effective Communication through Theatre
  • Logistics and International Supply Chain Management
  • Style & Image Development
  • Impact Communication
  • Aesthetics in Art
  • Professional Attitude for Customer Service
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem solving with lateral thinking
  • Useful Python Programming

Why are CBEL courses advantageous?

The CBEL courses ensure the contribution towards students’ extended learning in various ways-

  • Students are part of an inter-disciplinary cohort – akin to a workplace scenario
  • These courses can add up as micro-credentials
  • This system increases the chance to grasp as much knowledge as possible and upskill in various professional areas. Simply, it is active learning.
  • Learning is not just for grades. Rather, it is for multi-disciplinary experience

How Covid-19 has increased the scope of extended learning?

The pandemic induced a lot of people to make use of their out-of-campus times during the lockdown. This led to the possibility of students investing time in knowledge beyond their stream of study. 

These opportunities played a vital role in bridging the gap between personal and professional development. Extended learning has paved the way for opening new pathways for students to explore. And, that way, the CBEL courses also assist in the better development of personalities.

Scope of choice based extended learning-

Such a vast range of learning can unlock many opportunities in various professional fields. For example, a mental health awareness program will help you better understand the general public’s cognitive health. Understanding of such issues shall help students across various disciplines. 

Also, learning logical reasoning, data analysis, business communication, strategic management, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and more such skills will help you obtain a better chance of grabbing good job opportunities. Nowadays, companies look for professionals with expertise in all these areas and who can handle work pressure. Your potential and talent will always be the most significant parameters for getting a good job position in the professional workplace. 

Entrepreneurs with their own ventures need to be thoroughly skilled in different domains to lead a group of professionals and establish a successful business. They need to acquire different business strategies to ensure the smooth running of their businesses.

Why should you choose NSHM?

With the emergence of so many flourishing opportunities, NSHM has definitely proven to be a knowledge hub of excellence. They have a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses with a blend of online certification courses and choice-based extended learning programs. Besides, there are so many LIVE projects to participate. For that, NSHM has a dynamic shelf of work comprising funded projects. NSHM’s objective has always been to meet the educational needs of the students with their top-notch services. 

Be it placements or faculty, NSHM never fails to meet your expectations. The college has a marvellous learning environment empowering students to become their most astounding versions. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for an excellent educational institution that will shape your life, you need not think beyond NSHM.