By Team NSHM | Nov 30, 2022

Here’s how a Degree in Hotel Management can help you Start a Business

In an age where most young people are venturing out on their own and setting up highly relevant as well as profitable businesses, there is a huge demand for courses that can make students future ready. Hotel Management is one such program which students planning to start a business can enroll into as this is a comprehensive program where students are taught various aspects of managing a business.

The NSHM Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management is one of the top hotel management colleges in Kolkata where aspiring entrepreneurs can acquire the essential skills of running a successful business. The institute is the alma mater of many successful entrepreneurs who have made it big in their respective domains.

Here’s more on how a comprehensive course in hotel management can help aspiring entrepreneurs

Core Areas:

Food and Beverage Production:

This subject teaches students the finer nuances of food preparation. Right from detailed knowledge about various food products to sourcing, management, organization and final execution, everything is covered in this topic. This knowledge not only helps students in starting a food business but also excel in other domains of manufacturing and production as the operating principles more or less remains the same across industries.

Food and beverage service:

This subject helps the students understand the ways and the atmosphere creation in Food Service areas, in which a business works. Whether it is a Fine Dining restaurant, QSR, cloud kitchens or home deliveries knowledge of this field helps them as lot to take their business forward, as they learn not only the methodologies of food service but also the control systems, that are immensely helpful to ensure successful business.

Front office management:

This subject helps students to hone their managerial skills as it is an essential aspect of accommodations management. Right from cash handling to email and telephone etiquettes, this subject teaches students the finer nuances of handling customers, maintaining client relationships, prioritizing customer demands and more. All this knowledge immensely helps in developing strong negotiation skills and maintaining great client relationships; both of which are essential to the success of a business.


This is perhaps the most relevant area of study in hotel management as it focuses on teaching the basic life skills. It also teaches students the need to stay organized and particular about their inventory. These skills transcend into improved organizational management and supply chain management abilities; both of which are also essential to the success of a business.

Non-core subjects:

Apart from these focused areas of study, students are also taught about various laws and policies governing businesses in India, foreign languages, accounting, human resource development, marketing and more. In order to hone the overall personality of the students, this course also ensures that students know how to make presentations, submit project reports; and survey the market and trend analysis and more. Whether it is a hotel that they want to start or an ITES company, knowledge of the various departments, the hierarchy, management of various factions, facility planning etc. immensely helps in taking a business forward. Knowledge of constructive ways to explore new concepts and implement them also helps budding entrepreneurs channelize their ideas and ensure successful execution of the same. Knowledge of constructive ways to explore new concepts and implement them also helps budding entrepreneurs channelize their ideas and ensure successful execution of the same.

Extra-curricular activities:

Students studying hotel management often get to participate in various inter-college competitions and fests wherein they get to meet students from some of the top hotel management colleges in Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore and some other metro cities. These events not only help in bringing out the best in students, they also present an opportunity to network with peers and mentors from all over the country. These interactions, acquaintances and exposures can turn out to be extremely helpful for budding entrepreneurs in future.

Therefore, a degree in hotel management makes students future ready and up skills them in various ways to become successful entrepreneurs.