By Team NSHM | Jun 11, 2021

Gear Up for the Future: NSHM’s Professional Degree Specialisations for a Promising Career in Data Science

Data Science is a significant step towards how computers can learn. Day-to-day progression in technology and the generation of vast amounts of data have led to the tremendous demand for data scientists worldwide. The significance of gathering and collecting data is crucial as it enables businesses to determine and influence the trends in a particular industry.

What is Data Science?

Data Science can be defined as a multi-disciplinary tool that derives insights from structured and unstructured data using scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems. Data Science consolidates statistics, data analysis, and machine learning in technical language to understand and analyse actual phenomena through data.

Future Prospects

A published survey online revealed that around 97,000 data analytics jobs are vacant in India due to a lack of skilled professionals.

The growing demand for data scientists shall provide you with an idea about the scope of a career in Data Science in India. Some of the statistics reveal that India will be witnessing 1.5 lakh fresh opportunities for data scientists this year — a mountainous 62 per cent increase from 2019, led by BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance), manufacturing, healthcare and e-commerce, as per a report published in Hindustan Times.

Here are some major industries that will require a high number of data scientists:

The implementation of data analysis will help the e-commerce companies to predict acquisitions, profits, losses and even manipulate customers into buying things by tracking their behaviour.

Banking & Finance
Banks are adopting the technology to understand their customers, retain them, and build new ones. Data analysis helps financial institutions to engage with customers more meaningfully by understanding their transactional patterns.

Data Science presents a worthwhile opportunity for healthcare providers to guarantee better patient care powered by actionable insights from previous patient data. From developing care delivery to attaining operational experience, they are working to optimise every aspect of healthcare operation by unlocking the potential of data.

Data Science Careers

With the evolution in the field of Analytics, Data Science has become a requirement for companies. To make the most out of their data, businesses from all domains are looking for Data Scientists. Here are some of the roles a Data Science professional can look forward to in notable organisations.

Data Architect
Data Architects create and maintain a company’s database by recognising structural and installation solutions.

Business Intelligence Developer
Business intelligence developers are tasked with gathering and organising company data in a style that helps companies make decisions and resolve problems.

Data Scientist
Data science comes into the picture when complex systems create lots of data that needs to be taken advantage of. That means more than just analysing the data; it also creates models using complex algorithms to explain or predict behaviour.

Data Analyst
Organisations in nearly all industries, from healthcare providers to retail stores, profit from the work of data analysts. Data analysts spend their time developing new processes and systems for gathering data and compiling their conclusions to improve business.

Machine Learning Scientist
Machine Learning Scientists are involved in software architecture and design because their focus is on making data products work in production.

Acing the Data Science Domain with Tailor-Made Specialisations

NSHM Institute of Engineering & Technology at NSHM Knowledge Campus grants specialisation in Data Science, Robotics and Machine Learning – having enormous potential to rule the World of Technology.

The NSHM Institute of Computing & Analytics offers Bachelors and Masters programmes in Data Science.

Data Science Courses at NSHM:

  • B.Sc./B.Tech/M.Sc. in Data Science: This innovative Data Science course provides students with an opportunity to get exposed to a wide range of subjects leading to a high level of data science skills.

The widespread areas in which the students will obtain their skills and knowledge are Applied Statistics, Data Mining and Predictive Modelling, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and Data Visualization. The pedagogy is remarkably hands-on, using real-world case problems.

  • B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: During the program, participants will get familiar with cloud-based Machine Learning as well as computer-based machine learning tools.

This course is suitable for aspirants attempting to understand the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and discover how structured knowledge in this domain can contribute productively to business objectives.

  • B.Tech in Robotics: This program will empower students to automate their operations by executing intelligent technologies. The extensive enthusiasm of the current industry for improved efficiency and safety has led to a more prominent need for skilled professionals in ‘Robotics’.

This specialisation supplements a student with designing, manufacturing, applications and operations of robots. Learners’ understanding of the analytical ability of robotics will be enhanced by using multiple tools to analyse, plan and control motions of the robot and writing programs using robotics programming software. Students will learn different cross-platforms to program real-life robots.

The exponential growth in data we have witnessed since the start of the digital era is here to stay. The subsequent years will achieve a consistently increasing downpour of information. This new-age information will act as rocket fuel for our data science models, offering an acceleration to better models, and new, imaginative use cases.

So, NOW is the time to get into NSHM and shape your career into a futuristic one!