By Team NSHM | May 26, 2020

Fashion Management is the future. Make it yours.

Changing times need change in strategy and approach to sustain a long term existence in any market. M.Sc. in Fashion Management does just that to help entities find the right brains to steer their brands in the right direction. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding a PG degree in Fashion Management.

  • What is M. Sc. in Fashion Management?

This course deals with the managerial side of fashion industry. Fashion is definitely a creative area, but at the same time, running a fashion business successfully is also equally important. This also calls for an understanding of the new technologies being used to create high-end fashion designs. The students are trained to gain a perfect blend of creative, managerial and technological abilities.

  • What are the prospects of a fashion management career?

Post completion of the M. Sc. Course, a student has options to choose from a host of options ahead, according to his/her own preferences. They can opt for

–        Marketing & Merchandising

–        Quality Assurance

–        Production Planning & Control

–        Entrepreneurship with Own Manufacturing and Export Units.

Professional employment can be possible in the fashion & garment industry in different sectors like Retail, Marketing, Merchandising, Export and E-commerce. Apart from this pass outs can take up an academic role in the various fashion institutes as there is always need for professional and experienced guides and lecturers.  This can further extend towards research, training and development sectors also.

  • Who is best suited for this course?

–      A graduate from any stream from a well recognized university can opt for this course.

–      The candidate should be having eagerness to learn, ready to do hard work with good communication skill.

  • What is the uniqueness of this qualification?

The students are being offered a university degree, not a diploma, unlike most fashion courses in India, which will allow them to go for higher qualifications both in India as well as abroad.

  • What is the teaching methodology at NSHM?

At NSHM, after providing the basic inputs in the classroom, the students are trained through rigorous practical exposure to the actual working in the industry numerous times through projects and internships which is the experiential part or learning by doing. Use of cyber and IT is encouraged at every step.

  • What is meant by workshop mode class?

In a workshop mode class, education means sharing knowledge by mentors with the help of presentations, visuals, interactions, surprise tests, live exercises & and take home assignments. Sessions are not in traditional lecture style. This is part of NSHM’s Extended Learning Framework which helps students stand out in a crowd of professionals.

  • What is the scope for practical exposure?

The course structure is based on intensive practical work. Every student has to work on numerous projects for almost all subjects, go for intensive industry internship, and actively participate in NIMD Fashion events during his/her two years long tenure with the college.

  • What is the scope of placement from the institute?

Here students are trained to become an integral part of the related industry. Students are sent to the industries repeatedly through various projects and internships. Focused and talented students get automatically shortlisted and selected by the industry. Apart from this, there is course-end placement process to further assist the students in placements.

  • What is the infrastructure support provided by the institute?

The department of fashion in NIMD of the NSHM Group is providing the state-of-the-art infrastructure support to the students. It includes imported automatic sewing machines, industrial steam iron, dummies and dress forms, custom-made pattern tables, art-room, computer lab with latest creative software and well-stocked library having numerous books and journals. Beyond these, the campus is well equipped with photography and broadcast studios for fashion communication, canteen, gym, common room, hostel facilities and vibrant campus life.

  • Why should anyone choose to join M. Sc in Fashion Management at NSHM?

For any focused candidate, who wants to start a professional career in fashion & garment industry, after getting a reliable university degree from a well reputed college while staying in Kolkata for only two years, NSHM is the only destination that can provide the same. Check your eligibility here