By NSHM | Dec 12, 2022

Explore The Benefits of pursuing a degree in Travel and Tourism Management with NSHM

Would you like to travel across the globe? Is it common for you to make to-do lists during
travel? Is planning a spontaneous trip something you often do?
If your answer is yes to these questions, perhaps you should consider studying for a Bachelor
Degree in Travel and Tourism Management or Master’s Degree in Tourism and Travel
A tourism degree is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in breaking free from
traditional careers and learning essential skills. It’ll only take a passion for travel, excellent
organizational skills, and a willingness to collaborate with others for you to go far.

About the Booming Tourism Industry

If you are looking for the most rewarding career in Travel & Tourism; Tourism and searching for a
career that gives you the most satisfaction, then tourism and traveling might be the best
choice. The tourism industry is a significant contributor to the country’s overall growth and a
significant source of foreign exchange earnings. The vast majority of this industry’s revenue
comes from vacationers traveling within their own countries and tourists from other
countries. Students in India who major in Travel and Tourism Management can look forward
to a potentially lucrative career path.
WTTC President and CEO Gloria Guevara mentioned in a written statement that the travel
and the tourism industry is expected to contribute more than 100 million new jobs globally in the
next 10 years, which sums up to 421 million jobs by 2029.
A Travel & Tourism degree is a perfect way to explore your interests and develop new skills.
It will prepare you for a successful career in the field and allow you to better understand the
industry and how it works.

How Many Countries Have Their Economy Dependent on Tourism? 

The spillover effects of the global travel and tourism industry on global employment are broad-
reaching. A total of 330 million jobs are supported by this industry around the world, and it
contributes 10% to the global GDP each year. Worldwide, 44 countries rely on the travel and
tourism industry for more than 15% of their total share of employment. Countries like
Mexico, Spain, Italy, Turkey, China, Australia, New Zealand, Macau, Maldives, Aruba,
Seychelles, the British Virgin Islands, etc. significantly contribute to GDP through Tourism.
Currently, India’s rank in International Tourist Arrivals is 8th, and India’s rank in International
Tourism Receipts is 6th. India’s history is long and illustrious, and our lively and vibrant culture
continues to bring in lakhs of tourists annually. The country’s tourism industry now has more
offerings to help increase its popularity. India is quickly becoming a more popular destination

for various types of tourism, including film tourism, religious tourism, ecotourism, adventure
travel, cruise vacations, etc.

What Are The Qualifications Needed to Apply For the Course?

India’s popularity among traveling enthusiasts has created many job opportunities. In
response, institutes now offer travel and tourism courses and training in the same field. There
are internship opportunities available throughout the systems as well as after graduation. You
can get a great job in the tourism and aviation industry across the globe.
Candidates must have passed their respective State Board of Secondary and Higher
Secondary Education examinations or any equivalent examination in Science, Arts,
Commerce, Home Science, or MCVC, with at least 50% marks in aggregate and English as a
required subject to get admission to a bachelor’s degree. Candidates must have passed their
respective graduation examinations in any discipline like Science, Arts, Commerce, etc., or
equivalent course with at least 50% marks in aggregate to get admission to a master’s degree.
Some colleges and universities like NSHM offer Bachelor’s (UG) and Master’s (PG) Degrees in
travel and tourism, which can lead to higher-level positions within the industry if you choose
to pursue them. For more information on UG and PG courses of travel and tourism
management colleges in India, visit their official website.

What it Actually Teaches About? 

Students’ knowledge and experience from the coursework are invaluable and can be applied
in various professional settings. After the class, students will comprehensively comprehend
various essential business principles.
Degree programs in travel and tourism management educate students in business
principles pertinent to the tourism industry. These courses (both PG and UG) can typically be
found in Universities and Colleges.
Students can get the opportunity to have classes in tourism organization management, airfare
and airline ticketing management, tour package operation management, event management,
financial strategies, marketing management, human resource management, and many more.
Before students complete graduate or post-graduate programs, they need to complete
internships in national and international tourism organizations.
For example, NSHM boasts a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility and an excellent academic
atmosphere, which is ideal for producing future leaders. In addition to providing students
with international certification from IATA, Canada, NSHM strives to instill the essence of
tourism culture and the rich heritage of India among its students. It offers hands-on industrial
training at multinational corporations and destination management companies (DMCs).
Furthermore, it provides practical exposure to students through Educational Tours.

Why NSHM and What are the Advantages of doing it from NSHM?

NSHM is one of the most well-known tourism and travel management colleges in eastern
India in both Kolkata and Durgapur campuses offers bachelor’s and master’s degree
programs in tourism and travel management.

 The program is a combination of academic theory and real-world application. It is
supported by approachable mentors who are interested in the student’s learning and
value their input into their learning processes.

 Students are prepared to climb the corporate ladder through classroom and field
instruction, gaining the skill set necessary for international positions within the
industry and knowledge of various administrative and managerial responsibilities
along the way.

 In addition to the extensive coursework covered, students in this program also have
the opportunity to receive additional benefits, such as IATA training and certification
in the management of travel businesses, hands-on experience in Global Distribution
System (GDS), practical exposure during educational tours, research-based
assignments, and presentations of research papers.

 Students will better understand the material and acclimate themselves to the working
the world through participation in industry interactions on campus, workshops,
seminars, and internships.

Begin your journey with the best and enhance your career, leading to success!