Jul 15, 2020

TAG Webinar on Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Worlds

About the Webinar:

The travel industry used to employ almost 100 million people, accounting for 13% of our workforce and has contributed to 10% of our GDP. Do you notice the past tense used here? COVID has left the travel and tourism industry devastated. Is this the end or is there a ray of hope?

Find out more in this webinar.


Ajanta Bora – Co-founder, Spokehub Cycling & Adventure Travel Expert
Rohit Malhotra – Executive Officer, Oyo
Rahul Dhavale – Executive Chef, Marriott
Suchita Guhathakurta – Traditional Tourism Expert


Ayandrali Dutta – Journalist

Watch Video Here – https://youtu.be/OarTxPOW2wc