Jun 15, 2020

Online Training for Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition students from KB Women’s College, Hazaribagh

It has almost been a decade that NSHM School of Tourism and Hotel Management Management has been engaged in imparting “On the Job Training” to students of Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition from KB Women’s College, Hazaribagh. Every year NSHM has been welcoming, bunch of young talented lady professionals, in the final year of the CND program, for a compact training of about a month, culminating in research project presentation, evaluation and certification.

The year 2020 had different propositions in store, whereby it became impossible for the CND students from Hazaribagh to arrive to NSHM Durgapur, to physically attend the training program, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. With much assistance from the Principal and management of KB Women’s College Hazaribagh, NSHM School of Tourism and Hotel Management formulated an online training program for the students, which was enthusiastically embraced by both mentors and mentees. The program turned out to be a huge success and NSHM was glad to transfer the expertise and knowledge, as an act of commitment towards the students and society on the whole. We at NSHM wish these young professionals, the best and brightest of future”.