Feb 22, 2023

NSHM Knowledge Campus, Durgapur organized BLITZ 2023

We are elated to share with you that NSHM Knowledge Campus, Durgapur is organizing BLITZ 2023 – NSHM Annual Sports, Cultural, and Food Fest on 23rd, 24th, and 25th February 2023. This will be an Inter-Collegiate extravaganza, which will have students exploring their creative skills while entertaining themselves at the fullest. Along with the competitive events, musical and DJ Performances, every night and Fashion Show on the final day will be the flagship attractions.

Everyone’s mind immediately jumps to memorable moments, attractive lights, music, and DJ when they hear the word fest. Everyone in NSHM anxiously anticipates this occasion. Along with all the entertainment, it serves as a stage for students to showcase their skills in leadership and management. Every year, NSHM’s BLITZ event is a celebration of joy, fervor, and expertise.

The two illustrious guests: Abhishek Gupta, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police ADPC, and Tapas Banerjee, MLA, Chairman Adda conveyed heartfelt wishes to every participant in this mega-annual event on this momentous and historic occasion. The purpose of the event, they continued, is to promote unity and brotherhood and to give students the self-assurance to exhibit their latent skills. One of the most brilliant ideas for enabling children to discover their identities fully in all facets of life is this.

The dates for Blitz in 2023 are set for February 23 and 24. Fashion Show, Annual Sportz, Dj Night, and Food Fest were all part of the festival. The prominent musicians who conducted the cultural performance were also joined by our students, who participated in a variety of events like singing, dance, and theatre.

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