Aug 16, 2023

NSHM Business School , Kolkata collaborates with National Entrepreneurship Network

NSHM Business School (NBS) collaborates with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN ) a part of the Wadhwani Foundation to empower the Entrepreneurial mindset among the students.

The NEN Trust was setup in 2008 to play the critical role of establishing an entrepreneurship ecosystem. The goal was to enable young people on campuses to ‘do’ entrepreneurship while still on campus so that they could actively build aspiration, skills, confidence and networks which would increase their chances of starting new ventures successfully sooner rather than later upon graduation.

In its journey, NEN tied up for funding with Wadhwani Foundation. Wadhwani Foundation’s mission to achieve ‘job creation at scale’, the methodology, digital content and technology platform is in alliance with NEN’s goals of igniting and establishing a nationwide culture of entrepreneurship.

The collaboration NBS and NEN will provide the students with next-gen training through:

  1. Developing entrepreneurial business skills among the students.
  2. Providing hands-on training with live projects and masterclasses.
  3. Supporting the business plan of the students from ideation to funding
  4. Developing strategies for multiple-level funding
  5. Gaining knowledge through faculty exchange program

Henceforth , the partnership will benefit the students with knowledge and skills to create high-potential startups by showing them why, when and how to create a startup through case-study based education.