Jun 24, 2020

Fast Track Career Guidance on Supply Chain Management

Fast Track Career Guidance with Jai Shankar & Deepak Srivastav- Supply Chain Management

Career guidance is the biggest help in deciding the ideal career path students want to pursue. This assistance was made available for aspirants even during the pandemic to help them identify their true calling.

What drew CA Deepak Srivastav to Supply Chain Management?
While pursuing CA, he got a break in Nestle in their Sales division. It is here that an opportunity presented itself to explore Supply Chain. Some 27 years ago, SCM was unheard of, some even thought Mrs. Srivastav was selling chains.

What are the current Industry prospects?
SCM is the area where the company makes profits. Earlier it was practised by large multinationals, now the smaller and local companies also have a focused department for SCM, be it products or services. With globalization, the people have understood the value of supply chain management in a business. Therefore it is here to stay.

Skills and aptitude for success?
To succeed in Supply Chain Management the keywords are Reflex & Ability to make decisions- even if the results are wrong..

His advice for students.
It may seem thankless on the floor but is quite rewarding in the end. Keep learning and always take the initiative to grab new opportunities.

Missed out on this insightful session? Watch the complete webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQvbPtnOecw