Jul 25, 2020

Fast Track Career Guidance on Psychology & Related Professions

Fast Track Career Guidance with Jai Shankar & Neha Agarwal- Psychology

Career guidance is the biggest help in deciding the ideal career path students want to pursue. This assistance was made available for aspirants even during the pandemic to help them identify their true calling.

How did she come into Psychology?
Coming from a business family, to choose an otherwise non-conventional and non-commercial career was the biggest hurdle. Career guidance and counselling by her teachers helped convince her parents and relatives on her aptitude and interest to succeed in this field.

What are the current Industry prospects?
India has approximately 10,000 professionals in psychology and psychiatry, while the real requirement is 1500 times more, to serve the national population, with an increasing sensitivity towards mental health. Be it in education, working professionals, sports, media, politics or even entertainment, every person needs professionals to help maintain their mental health in this stressful world.

Skills and aptitude for success?
Communication, listening skills and empathy.

Her advice for students.
Choose a career which suits your ability, interest and personality. Seek professional guidance if needed.

Missed out on this insightful session? Watch the complete webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NceqEn7e9rM