Jul 10, 2020

Fast Track Career Guidance on Journalism

Fast Track Career Guidance with Jai Shankar & Rajib Ghosh- Journalism

Career guidance is the biggest help in deciding the ideal career path students want to pursue. This assistance was made available for aspirants even during the pandemic to help them identify their true calling.

How did Mr. Ghosh gravitate towards Journalism?
A Chemistry Honors graduate with a passion for writing, that was his starting point when he joined a small local newspaper in Asansol. From tuning to the radio to report on Lankan local feuds, to adapting to the newfound social media binge, he has done it all readjusting to the changing world.

What are the current Industry prospects?
The medium for journalism has expanded from local to global and now digital. Community journalism is on the rise in the world of social media, therefore the demand for journalists who can observe, read, write and report the common news to the common man, is increasing across locations and languages.

The real challenge is to stay relevant & impartial while enjoying the perks of rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of the world.

Skills and aptitude for success?
Ability to observe, read and a good command over language is primary.

His advice for students.
Practice reading, writing and editing- all necessary skills for a good journalist.