Aug 4, 2021

Design Unlock 2021 by NSHM Design School

Participate in Design Unlock 2021 – to show your talent and creativity to the whole world!!
The event was introduced in 2020 for the first time to provide a creative platform to young, emerging, and aspiring designers and artists. The event was received very well by people, we got around 170 entries across five contest categories. Here the NSHM Design School is feeling proud to announce its 2021 version.
  • Design Unlock 2021 has five contest categories to touch most aspiring fields of creativity. The categories are Graffiti, Graphic Novel, Innovation, Up-cycle, and Re-cycle.
  • One Winner and one Runner-up Prize to be given in  Each Category.
  • The Submission Deadline is 22nd August, 2021
  • Competition results are to be published in the last week of August.
  • Brochure Download Link:
  • Contest Entry Submission link: