By Team NSHM | Jan 20, 2021

Back to Campus 2021!

The immunization drive in India against Covid-19 was rolled out on Saturday, the 16th of January 2021. More than 70% of the targeted beneficiaries responded to that in the first two days overcoming their fears about side effects after the jabs. India is optimistic about being back to old normal days soon.

A doctor friend of mine was one of the early recipients of the jab and he shared his picture in one of our social networking groups. In no time he became the SRK in terms of his celebrity status. Thereafter many others like him, what if for a day, celebrated their ‘status’. If you happen to be a student, imagine your first day of 2021– ‘back to Campus’ moments! Imagine the posts streaming continuously on your mobile screens– “Lost and Found”, “We are back”, “Bunk College? Says who?”. The digital gates giving way to a flood of ‘likes’. Wow!

Campus 2021, whenever it ‘opens’ is expected to run house-full at all digital and physical theatres. In many ways, it might lay the new script of education for the years to come. Wherein, the lead actor, who else other than the learner,may not just want to get labeled as a ‘sink’ of learning. Instead, the learner might want to thrive as a ‘source’ of learning. As lead actors, learners might yearn to be appreciated in a variety of roles– skills-trainer, teacher, mentor, volunteer, artist, free-lancer, creator, entrepreneur, or as part of an interest group’s mission.

‘100 points’ is a rough check for becoming a ‘lead actor’ in Campus 2021. For the sake of fun, here is a screen test for existing learners. From the table of points below one has to select 5 Choice-bars to score a century in less than 3 minutes. That’s all. The time starts now!

Choice-bar Back to Campus 2021 Points
    Limit social media networking around areas of interest 20
    Add value as a member in each of my social networking groups 20
    Custom-arrange the physical set-up for joyful learning 20
    Thrive in both the digital and the physical learning spaces  20
    Activities fetch attendance. And, those can be anytime and anywhere 20
    Student clubs/ gymkhana gets‘academic’ status just like the classroom and Lab 20
    Education of the learner, by the learner, and for the learner 20
    No compromise with clean, lean, and green requisites  20
    Uphold human values 20
    Happiness-hour is part of routine 20

Congratulations! Out of those 5 choices that you made as a lead actor of Campus 2021, some or least one will be common with other lead actors, for sure. Best if, communities of lead actors that get formed around the commons can joyfully collaborative, like never before.It will be a ‘rejuvenating’ jab after the Anti-Covid ones. No side effects!

Authored by:
Dr.Krishnendu Sarkar

Former Head of Academics and presently, Chief of Strategy and Impact, NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata, and Durgapur. He can be reached at