By Team NSHM | Sep 2, 2020

Artificial Intelligence Dominates Our Lifestyle

Artificial Intelligence is something even a layperson is aware of nowadays. How can one not be when it plays such an important role in video games? AI in video games has gotten so advanced that gameplay mechanics have gotten far more complicated than they used to be in the days of 8-bit Nintendo games. But even if you’re not a hardcore gamer, surely, you’ve been known to play the occasional mobile game from time to time. If not a round of PubG, then some levels of Candy Crush just to kill the time, maybe. You might not have guessed it, but these games utilize Artificial Intelligence too, just at a less complex capacity. And while we know that AI is crucial to video games, not many realize that it is everywhere in our daily lives these days.

Smartphones and Appliances

Phones and appliances are something we use all the time. The most obvious way AI is integrated into our smartphones is through:

  • Mobile assistant apps such as Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri
  • Camera apps and filter apps to detect background, foreground, subjects and faces
  •  Manufacturers such as Qualcomm and Huawei are producing chips with built-in AI capabilities
  • Latest iOS and Android updates with features like adaptive battery and GPS

Even home appliances a.k.a. smart appliances take advantage of this technology. The most obvious way this works is by:

  • Air conditioners and thermostats that adjust its own settings according to the temperature in the room
  • Adjusting temperatures through heat and motion sensors detecting the amount of people in the room
  • Smart refrigerators that detect what groceries you’re short of and directly order them online for you

Streaming and Advertising

One of the most interesting ways AI shows up in our daily lives is in steaming services such as Youtube and Spotify or even Netflix and Amazon Prime. The algorithms these services use to suggest content for you are a form of AI that takes your activity into account and churns out results. Let us see a few examples:

  • Youtube suggestions are a complex combination of content similar to the kind that you view. It even features, in high frequency, the videos that you watch on repeat.
  • Spotify pulls a similar trick to Youtube-mixes, only with more accuracy, in their pre-made playlists, suggesting music according your tastes.
  • Online ads work in a similar way. They use your search history, your online activity and information from previous ads you’ve clicked on, to custom deliver you the ads that suit your tastes. They even take your demographic into account, delivering you location-specific or even gender-specific ads on Youtube and Facebook.

The way forward

Artificial Intelligence has just entered our lives. Or so it seems.

  • Military programs already using AI operated drones; such drones are soon to become a part of delivery systems across the world thanks to plans by Amazon to initiate drone operated deliveries.
  • Self-driven cars are soon to make their way into our daily lives as the technology for them reaches near perfection. Tesla is soon to launch this technology as they already have self-driven cars in testing, which have already been launched on the road. These cars will not only be able to maneuver traffic on their own, but they will also be connected by a network so that they can learn and better correct their algorithms through on-the-road experience.

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