Aangan Utsav 2021

 Aangan Utsav is an annual Cultural Extravaganza presented by the NSHM Center of Creative and Performing Arts, Aangan.

Launched in 2020 October the first edition of Aangan Utsav was around theme of “DASABHUJA”.

This year for Aangan Utsav 2021 the concept is ‘NAVARASA’. It will be a two-day virtual event happening on 2nd and 3rd October.

Rasa and Bhava are the main elements in most Indian Classical Performing ART Forms, be it classical dance, music, theatre, art, or literature. Bhava means the state of mind and Rasa means the essence, the emotional essence breathed into the creative work by the artist and enjoyed and relished by the spectator.

RASAS are created by BHAVA.

The nine Bhava/emotions included in Navarasa are Shringara, Hasya, Karuna, Rudra, Veera, Bhayanaka, Bibhatsya, Adbutha, Shantha. Each of these are represented and symbolized by particular colours.

Ever wonder what evokes feelings inside us? Feelings of love, surprise, anger, sadness, fear, courage, aversion, or peace? These feelings, that are born deep down inside the core of our beings, namely our soul, are what we call Emotions. They are the ways we express our reactions towards various activities and happenings in our lives. They make life lively, rich, colorful, and interesting, even though some of those colors may be bright and others darker.

The Students of NSHM Centre of Creative and Performing Arts celebrate these Navarasas through enthralling Performances, Enactments and Discourses.  These exquisite Bhavas are brought to life with thoughtfully designed Acts which will leave the audiences spellbound.

2nd October – Day 1 @6pm

Navarasa will showcase the Bhavas of Shringara, Karuna, Hasya, and Bibhatsya.

3rd October – Day 2 @6pm

Navarasa will showcase the Bhavas of Rudra, Shanta, Bhayanaka, Adbhuta, Veera.