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Why hotel management can be a conscious career choice in India 2015??

The hotel Industry in India has been gaining momentum ever since the sluggish 2014 has ended. For aspiring students, it is a good time to look for openings in the hotel industry or pursue graduation in hotel management.  If everything related to the hotel industry has always caught your eye, a successful career as a hotel manager awaits you! India in 2015 will gift the aspirants more than a few reasons to follow their passion and make it big in the hotel industry, say NSHM experts.

Out of many other reasons, you might consider the following!

  • The industry is expected to grow — Modi’s ‘Make in India’ is sure to bring in not only international capital for the manufacturing industry but also would significantly contribute to the country’s hotel and tourism industry. India is expected to receive twenty-five million tourists by 2015 end!
  • A passion driven industry— A significantly high dose of passion along with your soft skills are needed to make a successful career in this industry. A lot can happen over a coffee and thus, how you present things will be the key. . Institutes offering a compact and comprehensive curriculum must include a good dose of industry training for better results, urge NSHM teachers.
  • Opportunities are ample— Along with a sudden boom in the industry, the demand for qualified professionals has also gone up! Many reputed institutes offering a degree in hotel management and those in the field have tied up to provide the best quality training for passionate students. Not only the students are getting placed appropriately but also they are getting reimbursed for their talent and skill. Hiring in Indian hospitality industry is predicted to grow up by 40% by 2015 end.

Why a professional degree matters??

Well, having said all that, the fact still stands; you don’t need reasons to follow your heart! For people to whom decorating homes, tables and dishes come naturally, a hotel management degree is only a gate pass to the enchanting world of hotels. With many Indian and international hotel giants looking forward to hiring only qualified talent, a degree would be must before approaching them! The degree offered by our NSHM School of hotel management provides an edge over the other similar courses in terms of their professional approach and detailed curriculum which includes topics like hospitality marketing, hotel accounting and hotel resource management.