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A Career in Cartoons with Animation and Graphic Design Management

The world of animated characters has fascinated all age groups since ages! Wasn’t watching Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo or Popeye among one of the best ways to spend leisure time in your childhood? The broad grin continues to sparkle on all faces just at the glimpse of the favourite cartoon characters, despite evolution in terms of techniques, content, channels and shows.

How old is Animation? Well, for those who consider it to be a story of the recent past, you are highly mistaken! The fascinating world of animation dates back to an era five thousand years ago where people used to showcase their stories using pottery and on cave walls. A pot bearing five drawings illustrating a goat jumping to eat the leaves of a tree when seen in a sequence, has been preserved as one of the earliest evidences in the history of animation.

Planning a career with The Toons?? Unleash your ‘toon mania’ on others with a professional degree from NSHM Institute of Media & Design, the largest media school in Eastern India.  The 75,000 sq. ft. academic infrastructure with latest facilities & classes with industry experts guaranty the best exposure in Multimedia, Video Editing, Sound Recording, Photography, Graphics & Animation and Audio-Video Productions.

Best Career Avenues in Animation Industry

Graphic Designer
A person with a creative mind and a professional degree who is ready to combine traditional art and evolving digital technologies into never seen before illustrations and logos for various advertising needs, is what summarises a graphic designer and his role in an organisation!
A person who can bring to life lifeless caricatures and characters, build a story around them and fascinate all with their visual effects is what constitutes a talented and qualified animator! Animation as a subject has a multitude of dimensions and it depends on you as to which one you want to opt for! From being a flash animator, to a character animator to being the inbetweener or the stop motion animator, you are free to choose any.
 Video Editor
A one of kind story teller who knows exactly where to start from and where to end; A good editor is responsible for enhancing the impact of a video/audio by adjusting its various elements like colour, sound, overall quality etc to present the audience a better glimpse of the inside details.

A niche industry is driven by passion. The Indian media and entertainment industry is ever growing and is always in need of people with professional art and graphics skills. You can choose to be part of either the pre production or the post production team. The pre-production process needs professionals who can conceptualise & create while the latter demands sound knowledge of software needed to handle industry demands.