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At NSHM, we know what it takes to help students innovate. To achieve this end, we have introduced various programs to give them access to a wide gamut of knowledge, necessary to secure the confidence needed to bag the best jobs and deliver excellent performances once placed.

Global Employability Programme (GEP)

This programme keeps our students abreast of the happenings in the international job market. While gaining in-depth knowledge in their respective curricula, the students also get the know-how necessary to bag international offers.


This provides the MBA students with the “X” factor in education- industry interface, dual specialsation, graded projects with excellent infrastructural help.

My Call

Prof. Krishnendu Sarkar has devised a unique plan to evaluate over-all performance of our students. “My Call” lists aspects of student life like punctuality, internal assessments, on-campus presentability, co-curricular activities etc. on a scale of ten. Students mark their own targets and performance and thus find out where they need to put more effort.

Ad Adda

The club run by marketing communication students focuses on various aspects of brands and events. In every semester, a competition is organised for students to participate from different portals and industry stalwarts are invited to evaluate their efforts. The club is as old as the college and students, who are the committee members, get 360 degrees exposure in every aspect of branding and communication.
The club is mentored by Prof. Madhupa Bakshi, Prof. Manali Bhattacharya and Ms. Anindita Sarkar.


“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument”

The debate club Orator, is run by the journalism students of NIMD. The articulation, argument, awareness, eloquence and the presence of mind of the students are evaluated in Orator. Every year a competition is organised for students to participate from different portals and industry stalwarts are invited to evaluate their efforts. All the current and burning issues are selected as topics in this enthralling debate competition.
The last year’s debate topic was “Opinion poll in India is a victim of Public Relations pressure” The debate competition was organized on the auspicious occasion of National PR Day. The topic pinpointed the relevance of Opinion polls and its usage by leading PR professionals in 2014 Lok Sabha Election. The competition was graced by the presence of a leading journalist from Times of India and the General Manager, Corporate Communications, ITC.
The club is mentored by Prof. Debanjan Banerjee and Prof. Reshmi Naskar.

Rangpeeth and Cine-Cut

The students of NSHM Institute of Media & Design have initiated their own Drama Club & Film Club, Rangpeeth &Cine-Cut respectively. It is open to all the students of  NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata. The club has its own governing body, elected and represented by the students . Currently Rangpeeth has over 80 members while Cine-Cuthas close to 100 members.

Rangpeeth regularly holds theatre workshops & lectures which are conducted by industry professionals. These are open to all students & faculty members.  Some of them have been offered by veterans like, Sohag Sen, Debshakar Haldar, Sohini Sengupta etc. 

 Cine-Cut has regular screenings for students & faculty members along with ‘meet-the-film-maker’ series, which has already featured Suman Mukhopadhyay, Ranjan Ghosh in the last year. Both Rangpeeth & Cine-Cut aspires to hold drama-fests & film-fests in the coming semester, along with tie-up programmes with other institutes.

Y FM, Radio Club

91.2 Y FM, NSHM community radio is the very own radio station of the college. Community radio as the name suggests is a radio; by, with and for the community .The motive of the Community Radio Service (CRS) is to be the voice of the community. This noble endeavor came into being in December, 2013.
In the community Radio Club, students learn reporting, production, recording, radio jockeying, special projects on community development and programs pertaining to content development for the radio.

NSHM vis-à-vis NIMD is privileged to have its own Radio Station; here the students get hands on experience and niche knowledge in various segments of running a radio station. Students who aspire to be a part of this industry, immensely benefit from the setup.
The students create programs by working with the  NGOs, doctors, lawyers, social activists, academicians and professionals from various other social fields. The CRS facilitates the activities of the social workers and helps to create awareness in the society about various issues. 91.2 Y FM is here to contribute towards the development of both the students and the community members.

Oracle Partnership

We have joined hands with IT giant Oracle to provide world-class courses. This partnership makes our IT courses not only cutting-edge, but also it lends our students a sense of international professionalism.