By Team NSHM | May 23, 2018

Uncover Secrets of Human Behaviour

  • What is a B.Sc. in Behavioral Science & Applied Psychology for?

A degree in Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology focuses on learning ways to relate basic psychological theories and principles with the help of applicable methods and techniques in your everyday life.

In other words, it breaks down the complex labyrinth of the human mind and reflective actions at home and workplace, in order to find the cure towards treating various behavioural issues that are becoming alarmingly problematic in everyday life and health of a person.

With higher reliance and care taken towards earlier neglected aspects of mental health, a degree in applied psychology gives you an opportunity to develop an expertise and work with psychologists towards developing better healthcare for people in a variety of different settings. The work area is so diverse that it covers hospitals, treatment centers, businesses, social service agencies, colleges, etc.

  • What Type of Classes Will We Cover?

It all depends on the field of psychology you want to enter.

For eg: if you want to pursue family psychology, the subjects you will need to cover are in the lines of sociology, human & child development, family and child relationship dynamics, marriage & family counseling, associated theories and research methodologies.

If you opt for clinical psychology, your expertise will be focused on counseling theories, cognitive behavior therapy, child psychopathology, psychological assessments along with applicable research methods and real life counseling.

  • What are the scope & career opportunities in this field?

The scope of any degree depends on how serious you are as a student and how much deeper one wants to delve into the subject. This is a constantly evolving study with a vast part of it still unknown. This is where the opportunity lies- to uncover the unknown. So broadly these are the options they have:

–           higher studies to pursue a  masters degree to progress towards core research opportunities,

–          hospitals and healthcare facilities to practice and gain experience in real life scenarios,

–          private companies appoint consultants, analysts or marketers for understanding buyer behavior which is an essential marketing tool,

–          prisons or law enforcement agencies need these graduates to help analyse and treat mental health of the inmates or those convicted by law ( it is covered in criminal psychology), or

–          private treatment clinics that treat people in need.

Commonly, in most cases behavioral psychologists will work as part of a research or intervention team. There will be a major part of their work which will need interdisciplinary work across research disciplines. The main theme of the work is to derive satisfaction through social justice and welfare for all.

  • What are the various job roles associated with Applied Psychology careers?

Wherever there is human behavior involved, these degree holders will have a say in each of those aspects of life. With a specialized degree it makes the access to these jobs easier.

–          Career Counselor: Today with so many different skills one gets confused when asked to choose one. A career counselor helps one find out what is best for them- a job or career in tune with the personality, background, strengths and capability of the person. Similarly an education counselor will help sort out the problems students are facing while learning in class and choosing area of studies.

–          Education Psychologist: A psychologist will provide the expertise to identify what kind of education will be best suited for an educational institute and how that will help bring about the best scholars in the future. This demands a higher level of degree like a PhD to focus on the cognitive-behavioral psychology theories and apply them with suitable methods and techniques.

–          Clinical Psychologist: This is one of the most popular mental health fields which aims to provide relief to anyone who is in a lot of psychological stress due to various reasons.

–          Forensic Psychologist: The main area of work is based primarily on the premises of the criminal justice system. The task here is to determine the legal responsibility for a person’s actions on the right individuals. In the court of law establishing legal sanity is a very essential component of justice.

–          Health Psychologist: This also needs an advanced degree, but with lot of behavior related diseases like bulimia and anorexia, triggered by depression, the mental well-being is highly dependent upon personal choices. This has a direct impact on the health of the individuals which suffers drastically. This is not a one person job and is often part of a team of people looking towards improving the health and lifestyle of people. 

–          Industrial-Organizational Psychologist: With increased stress at the workplace, soon this will be a very necessary post in every big organization. Though this will vastly be a part of HR policy, this will help boost overall productivity of employees.

–          Sports Psychologist: The main focus here will be to examine factors affecting a sportsman’s overall performance. With the right kind of boost they will end up improving their endurance, tolerance, team participation and physical activity. IT will help clear out the blockages which stop their progress and help them work towards their goals with a clearer mind.

–          Social Worker/ Substance Abuse Counselor:  A social worker has many responsibilities. One of the primary focus areas is substance abuse. This role requires compassion and patience to work through the various complexities that leads someone towards an addictive behavior. Rehabilitation can be made once problems are identified and worked upon.