By Team NSHM | Jul 15, 2019

Television News in Changing Perspectives

Television news has been thrown through the ringer with the advent of the internet. And while some say traditional media is under threat altogether because of New Media, others say that it will lead to a convergence of all media and a more lucrative field for media professionals overall. With New Media engraining itself in every aspect of life, television news has been forced to adapt to the fast changing world. Some of the ways in which the world of TV news is changing are:

  • Convergence of Print, TV, Radio & Internet News: This would be characterized by the convergence in news consumption across mediums and the availability of print, TV and radio news over the internet.
  • Interactivity in journalism: This would be characterized by not only open criticism from readers and audience but also feedback and input. Citizen journalism is also on the rise and often plays a role in the interactive nature of electronic news that thrives on consumer engagement.
  • Techno-legal changes: This would be characterized by regulation that is specific to emerging technologies such as the Broadcast Bill and the Convergence Act. It is also characterized by the wider accessibility of the internet and technology overall.

To adapt to this changing landscape in news media, there are new skill-sets that integrate the skills that a broadcast journalist from traditional media must have alongside new age skills. These are:

  • Familiarity with technical equipment used in broadcast and new age technologies alike.
  • Good camera presence, charismatic and eloquent.
  • Flexibility in switching between mediums.
  • Possess a niche specialization in one relevant area of interest.
  • Ability to navigate social media and build image as an influencer.

While it might take a while for the media professionals to catch up with all the rapid changes brought about by the internet revolution, the opportunities it presents far outweighs the short-term costs. But before everything else, a basic knowledge about television, media and journalism is essential to make the most of the new opportunities. This is why NSHM Knowledge Campus prides itself in delivering a strong knowledge base with a detailed curriculum that is the best foundation for a student looking to build a career in this field. To explore your options in courses and more click here