By Team NSHM | May 28, 2018

Take a significant step into the future of Communications.

A Masters Degree is what you need to spruce up your career prospect in the field of Visual Communication. It is a full time regular course which like any other course needs you to attend regular classes and assimilate learning as well as complete projects to become industry ready. Clearing Semester end exams are needed to successfully attain the degree. But that is a given for all courses. Here are some frequently asked questions that might be on your mind.

  • What is M Sc. Visual Communication?

This is a Masters Course with specialization in Animation and Visual design (Graphic Design). It is a full time course spanning over 2 years split into 4 Semesters. It is a creative course that enhances your conceptual ability through systematic critical as well as “lateral thinking”.

The core idea is communicating visually. A well-developed visual design is able to reach out to the audience and accomplish a purposeful connect. These are created in order to inform, educate, persuade or entertain. Knowledge in this field combines an understanding of how to accomplish these purposes along with today’s digital technology to put ideas across various channels whether it is a commercial or a new website. Reaching an audience is dependent upon the combination of using text and graphic images, story-telling appropriately and effectively.

  • Who are eligible to do this course?

This course is best suited for Graduates of design and animation as well as Graduates who are enthusiastic about animation and design with a portfolio of related work.

  • What are the key takeaways from this course?

With this course you will learn the technical skills required to implement your projects, along with creative problem solving essentials such as

–          Design Process,

–          Design Research,

–          Cultural Aspects,

–          Visual Narratives etc.

In addition to this, classes in illustration, photography, cultural studies and design management will open up new possibilities for expanding your creative abilities. By the end of the course, you will produce a portfolio of work to project your acumen.

  • How will the curriculum help me?

The curriculum is designed to give you in-depth knowledge and expertise in the discipline of Visual Communications Design, with an extensive understanding of related disciplines, such as Information design, Illustration, Photography, Communication and Presentation, Retail design etc.

You will gain an understanding of the process of Visual Communication by engaging in coursework and class projects covering a variety of print and animation design projects.

Workshops and projects in Design Thinking, Research Methods and Contextual Studies will help in developing an understanding and expertise in Strategic thinking. Interdisciplinary studies in arts and cultural studies are combined with core studies in visual form, typography, design history, conceptualization and image generation and design for the digital mediums, to enrich students for a professional. This is also part of the NSHM Extended Learning framework which is carefully customized to the changing industry needs.

  •  Is the course full of technical details?

The course is well balanced curriculum of theory papers on fundamentals related to the core subject area with a strong focus on the application of the theories in design and animation project. Software knowhow is for the sole purpose of project implementation.

  • What is the learning process?

The teaching process is carried out in to modes: Theory classes for teaching fundamentals and application based guided projects. The teaching is imparted by faculty who are specialists in the area of animation and Design with both industry and teaching experience in the subject domain.

  • What are the opportunities after doing the course?

Graduates of MSc in Visual Communication at NIMD will be able to contribute to and make a positive difference in a variety of creative service industries such as

–          Branding & Advertising,

–          Communication Design and Strategy,

–          Animation design,

–          Illustrator,

–          Storyboard artist,

–          Character designers,

–          Graphic Design,

–          Web & Digital marketing design,

–          Publication & Publishing,

–          Retail and Exhibition design,

–          Design research.

Our post graduates will be highly effective to work as Art Directors, Senior Designers, Design Consultants, Animators, Design strategist and design educators.

  • Is Visual Communications a Growing Field?

Visual communications involves the use of all types of devices in order to present information, ideas, and concepts across a variety of fields. Whether looking to publish an advertisement in a magazine, design a website or start out a career in photography, an education in a visual communication degree program can be a beneficial and necessary start.

  • How will Visual Communications develop me as a designer?

The visual communication field is focused on communicating with clients and customers through available visual means.

Students learn graphic design, illustration, animation, photography, image making. These skills are considered broad and comprehensive, and they prepare graduates to enter a number of exciting fields within the communications industry.

Available career paths include graphic design, professional photography, illustration, professional animation, advertising, web design, and visual marketing Retail design etc. This gives a well rounded grooming to the budding designer.