By Team NSHM | Jul 4, 2018

What are the roles applicable for a M.Sc. in Hospitality Management degree holder?

  1. Hospitality Manager: This is an obvious choice and with the added edge of a foreign internship, the big names will come knocking sooner than you know it. M.Sc. in Hospitality Management degree would give you the right push to take on a management role. This opportunity can be spread around various Hospitality based organizations.
  2. Hotel Manager: Hotel manager role embodies ensuring a seamless functioning of the service mechanism in the hotels. This involves thorough supervision of employees and in depth hands on knowledge covering topics like
    – strategic planning,
    – budget allocation,
    – performance tracking,
    – quality control & audit, and
    – synchronizing and overseeing services like catering and accommodation.
  3. Restaurant Manager: If food is your first love then this is the perfect role for you. Having a good nose for the finer things and a keen interest in delivering the best dining experience can land you into these roles. But this is not a limited role as there’s great diversity in terms of the type of restaurants (single or a chain of outlets for a brand). The main duties include administrative tasks and hands-on management of shop front operations, to ensure seamless functioning, profitably, while building its reputation and ethos.
  4. Cruise Director: If you’re ready to explore horizons beyond lands then this is an adventure that will benefit your career and dreams vastly. A cruise director is someone with strong understanding of the operations, has enough experience in form of apprenticeship or internships and is prepared to travel for fairly long lengths of time at a stretch. It is a senior role in charge of the entire onboard hospitality, entertainment and social events. Additionally, it would mean looking into health and safety issues and maintaining long term track record of excellent customer service at all points.
  1. Events Manager: Love managing events, meeting people, micro-managing, have exceptional organizational skills and are creative? – A career in event management could be your preferred direction. Event managers are usually responsible for running a variety of events where one could specialize. Take your pick from organizing fundraisers for a charity, conferences for large business organization, weddings and other cultural meets. You would be in charge of overseeing each project, from planning stage till completion stage and hence people management would be an important aspect of the job.
  2. Hospitality Marketing Manager: Marketing has a strong impact on all aspects of the business. This is also essential for success in a competitive environment. This job will involve a range of marketing strategies and tools, including new media and technologies and consumer behaviour analysis. You’ll have to use your skills to position different hospitality products (events, destinations and brands) with proper hospitality marketing research, campaigns, and marketing strategy.
  3. Luxury Hospitality: The luxury hospitality industry is on the rise all over with a global figure of US$6 trillion! This sector is diverse and fiercely competitive. A specialized PG degree will help provide skills and knowledge to successfully manage a luxury hospitality brand, product or service. The aspects covered in this are marketing, key performance indicators, public relations and strategic forecasting.

Will students get industry interaction?

The NSHM College of Hotel Management regularly organizes various seminars and workshops to facilitate the learning experience of the students. These seminars and workshops are conducted by eminent professionals from the industry like

  • Sanjay Mitra (Sous Chef from Le Meridien, Pune),
  • Sumit Joshi (Principal Faculty, Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development, New Delhi),
  • Chef Arvind Saraswat (Former Director of Food Production, Taj Group of Hotels),
  • Anup Chowdhury (Former Airport Manager, Air India),
  • Sanjiv Kapoor (Celebrity Chef),
  • Avanti Basu Chattoraj (Training Manager, AMADEUS India),
  • Irfan and Yangdup Lama (Celebrity Bartenders) to mention a few;

All these stellar personalities have graced our campus and shared their insights and expert tips with students regularly.