By Team NSHM | May 23, 2018

Ride the evolution of Medical Laboratory Technology

  • What does a Medical Lab Technologist do?

Though they spend less time with patients compared to doctors and nurses, these professionals are equally dedicated towards healthcare. These professionals play a critical role in collecting the information needed to provide the best possible healthcare to any patient. They essentially perform the investigations required in modern medicine and therefore they do the major lab work essential for arriving at sound diagnosis.

From hospitals to clinics, nursing homes and commercial laboratories, these qualified laboratory professionals are found in every establishment that provides healthcare services. In this scenario, having good communication and research skills are highly valued. With growing need for healthcare and rising healthcare services in the economy there is a huge demand for Medical Lab Technologists in the industry.

  • What are the tasks involved in Medical Lab Technology?

–          Medical Laboratory Technology helps diagnose, treat and prevent disease through specialized clinical laboratory tests.

–          It is a complementary service associated with medical science.

–          It involves analysis of fluid, tissue, and blood in the body, as well as involves screening micro-organisms.

–          It covers chemical analyses and cell count in the body essential to support diagnostics.

  • Scope & Career Opportunities

After the completion of this degree, one can find challenging career options across

–          Hospitals , clinics and public healthcare departments

–          Emergency centers,

–          Private diagnostic laboratory,

–          Blood donation centers or Blood Banks.

To improve employability and job prospects it is best to pursue further education and work experience. Common job profiles of students after completing BMLT include:

–          In the medical industry as technologists for product development, marketing, sales, quality assurance.

–          Environmental health sciences and Biotechnology Laboratories.

–          Army and allied services supporting the nation

–          Insurance, Education, Entrepreneurship, etc. the list is endless.

There are various streams of Laboratory technology and not all of them are related to microbiology. Sometimes using heavy and sophisticated machines is also part of the job. So the technicians handling

–          CT Scans,

–          Anesthesia and OT equipment,

–          MRI and X-Ray machines,

–          Optical  and Sleep Laboratory equipments

–          Renal Dialysis and Radiology equipments, etc.

are all part of the same league of Laboratory Technicians.

  • Who should opt for B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology?

The basic purpose of a Lab Technologist is to carry out tests and procedures to help investigate the problems in the anatomy. For this one should focus on these key areas:

–           Ability to conduct extensive research,

–          Tenacity to finish tasks with accuracy,

–          Work hard and handle stress efficiently,

–          Skilled in the form of interpreting technical findings.

The course will help the students inculcate the knowledge of laboratory instruments and the ability to use computers and other mechanical devices to the best advantage. Moreover this will help the students aiming for Masters Degree and research work.