By Team NSHM | May 16, 2018

Reach out to the World with BBA Global Business

  • Which Career Opportunities suit BBA Global Business?

A global business degree will give a much wider scope to students when they enter the job markets. It will not only help them become more agile to economical shifts, but will also make them versatile enough to survive them. If a 9 to 5 is not your calling then entrepreneurship is the next logical step. The job descriptions in the international arena can be as diverse as:

–          export manager,

–          product manager,

–          purchaser,

–          information auditor,

–          business developer,

–          channel manager,

–          independent consultants,

–          business research, etc.


  • Why pursue BBA Global Business at NSHM?

–  A practical approach to learning: Our activity-based extended learning framework encompasses activities beyond classroom learning with real time and simulated projects, seminars and industrial case studies.

Enhanced employability focus: We encourage all our business students towards pursuing meaningful internships, entrepreneurial projects, exchange start-up ideas and build a substantial knowledge base to be employable in the highly dynamic and demanding corporate sectors. This is our focus because at the end of the day our success comes in the form of your appointment letters.

Beyond geographical barriers: This course will not only open doors for your employment but will also open up opportunities for you to pursue your career beyond geographical barriers which other courses don’t necessary provide. In the process your mind will open up to various tricky aspects like geopolitics and international trade which quite frankly is one of the hottest topics in the world.

This course aims towards making you a Manager who is more open and flexible to working in multicultural teams and multilingual entities.

  • What is the main objective of BBA Global Business at NSHM?

Our aim is to impart thorough knowledge and understanding of

–          International business and modern enterprise management at the global level,

–          Various cultural backgrounds, business ethics and morals,

–          Analytical thinking methodologies to solve problems on the move,

–          Accountability in various professional roles and the industry as a whole

–          Finally, develop a holistic approach towards international business management.