By Team NSHM | Oct 6, 2017

Some Popular French Cooking Techniques

Apart from the Eiffel tower, beauty and kissing, French is famous for its cuisine style. It is one of the famous cooking techniques among the chef world. The reasons for its fame are –

It is healthy

It is easy in cooking

It saves time

It mostly preserves the natural flavors and goodness of the ingredients enact.

Once an amateur chef learns these techniques, cooking becomes a fun thing for them. Let’s get started with the techniques. French cooking techniques mostly consist of Braising, Flambeing, Grilling, Poaching and sautéing. Let’s start with the infamous Braising

Braising- According to the meaning it means frying the food lightly and then stew the food slowly into a closed container. This type cooking requires both types of heat. First, the food needs to seared at a high temperature and then you need to cover it in a closed container.  Braising relies on the moisture levels, temperatures, and time to break down the meat’s collagen. The steps of braising includes

  1. Sear the meat
  2. Saute the Mirepoix
  3. Deglaze the meat.
  4. Braise it.

To make it more interesting, Add more Veg, Reduce the sauce. To spice or twist it up, add any of the following ingredients to your braised meat.






A pinch of Maldon salt

Flambéing- Flambéing means flamed in French. None cooking techniques can add flavor to the recipe like Flambéing. If you are looking for a technique to add flavors to your special dish, then Flambéing is the one you should try out. Generally it is done during the end of the cooking. Most chefs add alcohol to the food in the pan to produce the flame which is immediately burnt away. The aroma and the flavor remains enact.

Grilling- Many get tricked between broiling and grilling. Both have the same meaning. Grilling is one of the common techniques of cooking. More or less, we all are familiar with this technique. It is very easy to do. It requires dry heat from below. Smoking and barbique are very close to grilling. The only difference is they require woods to cook.

Poaching- Poaching is basically a type of cooking technique which requires moist heat and involves cooking by submerging food in a liquid such as water, milk, stock or wine. It can be easily differentiated from simmering and boiling due to the usage of low temperature. Here is a tip for all budding chefs – While poaching eggs, add a splash of vinegar into it.

Sautéing- The word came from the French word sauter which means “to jump “Sautéing is a basic French cooking technique which is used to fully cook a whole dish quickly. As it cooks quickly, it keeps the integrity of the flavor vivid and the texture remains intact. This technique requires relatively high heat. It gives the dish a grassy punch with a pleasant tender crispiness. Due to its duration and less oil requirement, it is very famous among urban people. To do this, you need a skillet or a sauté pan which has a large surface area and a dense bottom, which helps in the even distribution of the heat. Chicken is an ideal choice to enjoy this technique. It will give the chicken a golden, crispy crust and a juicy, tender interior. Next time when in hurry, try this to impress.

These are the famous French cooking techniques which every chef needs to acquire knowledge about.