By Team NSHM | Mar 28, 2018

NSHMites Shine at NIT-Durgapur Tech Fest “Avishkar”


Event name- Ensignia 1.0 Organised by Prakriti (the Official Environmental Club of NIT-Durgapur)

Project name- Smart Dustbin

Participants: Arijit Choudhury, Abhishek Kr. Mishra

Components used-

1. Dustbin                    2. SONAR Sensors               3. Arduino UNO

4.Motor                        5. Motor Driver                      6. LM 7805IC (voltage regulation)

7.Buzzer                      8. LED lights

 Abstract – 

We all are aware of increasing population of our country. With increasing population garbage also increases. Dealing with garbage, especially in urban areas, is a huge task. This is where the smart dustbin becomes useful. The usual dustbins are required to be opened by pressing your foot against its lever and then throwing garbage. However, the smart dustbin does this task by itself. It is therefore a multipurpose dustbin and it can also be used to detect the level of the garbage. When the dustbin gets completely filled by the garbage, we hear a buzzer alarm and the LED light glows indicating that the dustbin needs to be emptied. This mechanism reveals how useful it will be in real time waste management.

Key Benefits & Reason for opting this project-

– It aims towards creating a clean environment.

– It can be helpful in making our country clean, thereby helping in achieving the vision of ‘Swacch Bharat ‘ while being in sync with ‘Digital India’.