By Team NSHM | Apr 4, 2018

Will M.Sc. in Media Science take you to the big league of media industry?

Freedom of speech and media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy. With the advent of globalization the importance of media is increasing by leaps and bounds. The industry has become synonymous with prosperous job opportunities and hence has become a preferred career field for the millennial. If you also confirm to this preference, then an advanced degree in media is definitely recommended. Msc. in Media Science is one such course. It is a two year full time industry informed and future focused curriculum. Let us explore why this is a valuable degree to add to your CV.

  • Wider Scope: Mostly in case of media, we confine our career choices within journalism. But in reality the media is a lot more than only journalism. This course will ideally take you beyond the traditional medium to the latest and faster growing channels. Case in point- digital media, the fastest growing and most preferred medium in today’s times. There is a greater projected job growth in this field. But unfortunately, you will get to learn a little about it the conventional journalism degree. But in media science you will get to know about it in details.
  • Better Guidance: For any masters degree course the faculty is high on expertise and experience. Industry experienced faculty will update you with all new developments and guide you towards fine tuning your skills in the field. In time you will identify your area of specialization to plan your future career graph.
  • Multiple Job Roles: The course offers you a wide range of job roles like news reporter, copywriter, client servicing, photographer, Brand Manager, Film critic and so on. From the second year you will get an option to chase your dream in the form of choosing your preferred specialization to know about your chosen field in greater detail. The course also aims to prepare students to be able to adapt to any genre of media and excel in it.
  • Fine Tuned Skill-Set: The course aims to work on core skills required in the field of media and communication like writing skills, conceptual ability and communication skills. The course will ideally brush you up on your existing skills and tune it on a finer scale to make you industry ready for better job opportunities.
  • Sharper Knowledge Base: Msc. Mecia Science is ideally an updated course that will bring you up to speed with the latest journalistic innovations. Along with that it also explains the various social and economical consequences in the international context. This in turn will keep you a step ahead from others in the job hunt during interviews.
  • Industry exposure: The USP of this course is also the balanced between academic learning and industry exposure, i.e., between theory and practice. A carefully designed practical module will provide students hands-on experience fueling their imagination to take them a step closer to their preferred medium. In most courses mandatory industry internships are included which often get converted into full-time jobs.

If you are ambitious about your career, ready to work as a team, don’t dread to take risk and challenges and manage it well, then you should consider this course as a stepping stone towards your shinning career. But finding the right institute can be a challenge. To start you off on this journey, we recommend you explore your options with NSHM Knowledge Campus which has a very strong alumni base and industry affiliations in media studies. Check out their website here: