By Team NSHM | Mar 12, 2019

Inspirations for Visual Artistes- Modern Art & Design Movements

Everything comes from something. So, while art is all about originality and individuality, an artist has to be thorough with learning what came before them to be able to create something new. Knowing major artistic movements is of critical importance to commercial artistes; however, knowing about these movements can probably add more value to your designs even in the digital format.

Acquaint yourself with some of these art movements of the 20th and 21st century, to stay on top of your game:

  • Minimalism: Originating in 1960’s New York, Minimalism is perhaps the most important aesthetic you can you can get a hang of as a modern-day visual artist, especially if you’re a commercial graphic designer. Comprising of clean lines, hard edges and ample white space, it is considered a timeless and versatile aesthetic that is harder to execute than it looks. Check out these famous visual artistes and their art here:
  • Pop Art: One of the more everyman art movements, Pop Art was inspired by popular culture such as TV and comic books, hence the name. Having reached a saturation point in most media, the style is to be used sparingly today in the most discerning of contexts. Explore the history of pop art here:
  • Art Deco: Originating from 1920’s architecture, Art Deco was influenced by movements such as Art Nouveau, Bauhaus and Cubism. Combining geometric patterns with nature-inspired elements such as animals, foliage and sun rays, Art Deco aesthetic utilizes damp colour palettes to create beautiful designs. Explore the famous works and designs by art deco artistes here:
  • Post-modernism: Postmodernism arose in the 1970’s as artists felt that Modernism had lost its spirit, becoming stale and academic. Post-modernism is a direct affront to Modernism’s focus on form, technique and process. Know about the diversity and style of some of the most popular post modern artistes here:
  • Meta-modernism: An artistic movement that aims to convey sincerity in art, much like in traditional art movements, but does so through displays of insincerity, deconstruction and rebellion. While there isn’t much of a defining structure or aesthetic to this movement, internet memes are sometimes considered an example of meta-modernist art, communicating complex and sincere subject matter through irony, dark humor and general tomfoolery. To know how this works check out the meta modernism manifesto here:

Inspiration rather than imitation is the best way an artiste can visualize good design. But to help them nurture their design thinking they need a good curriculum with good guidance from knowledgeable faculty. Get all that at Eastern India’s Best Educational Institute NSHM Knowledge Campus.

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