By Team NSHM | Jul 26, 2019

India’s Yoga Influencers

Millennials hail Yoga as the epitome of health and wellness. But what is inspiring them to make yoga a part of their daily routine? Yoga influencers are simply people who make yoga look good and feel good! Hailing from diverse backgrounds, they are ordinary folks who used ancient yoga to turn themselves into extraordinary inspirations for the fast moving new generation.

Here are some of the trending yoga influencers in the country, who will not only inspire you with their yoga skills, but also their experiences with yoga that served as a means of livelihood and changed their lives for good.

1.Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, 61 years [Insta: @sadhguru, Blog: Isha Whispers]

Jaggi Vasudeva most famously known as Sadhguru by his 1.4 million followers worldwide is a renowned yoga guru and the founder of Isha Foundation. He is known to guide people towards the path of yoga, its philosophy, experience and conduct. He pioneered in concepts like Inner Engineering, Chit Shakti and Isha Kriya which are forms of meditation which the people can learn and gain benefits from.

2. Swami Ramdev, 53 years [Insta:@swaamiramdev]

Swami Ramdev is the face of Indian Yoga. From telecasting and hosting morning Yoga shivirs, he has amassed a worldwide following popularizing yoga. He is the founder of Divya Yoga Mandir Trust and has promoted herbal and ayurvedic products under the name of Patanjali Yogapeeth Trust. Baba Ramdev is known to empower his followers about the benefits of yoga and the changes that right lifestyle can help in curing several ailments.

3. Natasha Noel, 24 years [Insta: @natashanoel001, Blog: Soulful Happiness]

Natasha is a dancer by heart and professional photographer. Her motto is upliftment, breaking stereotypes and promoting fitness and body positivity. Her strength lies in the belief of curing one’s body through the art of yoga. She inspires her 252K followers to not be harsh on their body but also encourages experimenting different forms.

4. Deepika Mehta, 41 year [Insta: @deepikamehtayoga]

Her yoga posts displaying her skills on her Instagram account has left many awestruck. But a little known fact is that Deepika discovered yoga while recovering from a major rock climbing accident, in 1997. Today yoga has made her feature in Ted Talk NYC, Vogue and Elle. She gained fame as a master trainer in a show called ‘The Biggest Loser’ through which she has inspired many. She has even trained Priyanka Chopra for the bollywood blockbuster movie Don.

5. Yogacharya Pratishtha Sharma [ Insta: @impratishtha]

Pratishta Sharma, commonly called Acharya Pratishtha is an Indian classical dancer and exponent of yoga. Starting at a very young age, today she inspires her 189.7k followers on social media with the fluidity in her movements and seamless approach to wellness. Which is why when the Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India made the ‘Incredible India’ campaign; she was the first choice to represent yoga. Till date she has performed several yoga camps for the corporate, students, army, police force, prisoners, women and more in India & abroad.

6. Suvi Choudhury, 32 year [ Insta: @suviashtangayoga ]

Suvi overcame her slipped disc problem by practicing yoga. She further took it up as a profession and today her handstands inspire her 73.4K followers around the world on instagram. She pursued different forms of yoga, but has mastered her skills in Pregnancy Yoga, Acupressure, Therapeutic Yoga and Face Yoga.

7. R Sharath Jois, 47 years [ Insta: @sharathjoisr ]

R Sharath Jois is a teacher and paramaguru of Ashtanga Yoga. He helped his 62k followers combat their respiratory problems and other digestive disorders by performing various asanas. His other expertise lies in the unique application of Nadi Shodhana for curing allergies, asthma and dysfunctions of the trachea. He is turning his knowledge in yoga and ayurveda into a holistic wellness approach taking us back to a simpler lifestyle essential for urban living. 

8. Ishwari Patel, 23 year [ Insta: @_ishwari _]

A yoga influencer, Ishwari has changed the life of her 53.8k followers with her diet and exercise consultations alongside the practice of yogasana. Her claim to fame is her status as a Guardian Health Service Athlete. She constantly motivates her followers and believes that a healthy diet is the key towards achieving a healthy body.

9. Sunaina Rekhi [ Insta: @sunaina_rekhi ]

Sunaina is one of the top most yoga influencers in India. She is not just a Yoga Instructor, but also a health and lifestyle coach. A working mother to a six year old, Sunaina has mastered in Ashtanga Yoga. Apart from influencing her 33.6k followers, she has an eminent list of clients which includes celebs like Anurag Kashyap and Aditya Gaurav.

10. Ajay Tokas [ Insta: @ajayk7692, website] Ajay is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher who started his journey of yoga in 2004 and has since inspired followers who are constantly inspired by different forms of yoga skills displayed by him. His strength lies in making people have a self realization of themselves by maintaining a disciplined yogic life.

Professionalism in Yoga

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