By Team NSHM | Sep 21, 2017

Importance of Smile in the Hospitality Sector

Smile is the best thing one can wear. A smile can even stop wars. According to science, a smile can boost our mind, help release stress and make us look more beautiful. So it is safe to say that a smile is the most versatile asset one can possess.

The benefit of a smile can be felt in our workplace also. Especially for those who are in the hospitality sector which is based on providing quality services to people. A smile is the needle of the hospitality business clock, so no matter what the time of the day it is an employee should always serve with a smile.

Gone are those days when exclusive services were enough to impress the consumer. In a perfectly competitive market, exclusiveness is a myth because everyone ends up offering more or less the same services. The real deal breaker lies in creating a point of difference. Different scenarios help us understand this concept better.

Scenario #1:

Imagine a receptionist sitting at a desk with a serious/ straight face answering your queries. You know she is informative, but will you be willing to ask her anything else? Most likely, no.  Her stern or serious face will actually put you off from interacting with her in future unless absolutely necessary. This translates into a major opportunity cost, because if there is no interaction you wouldn’t know how to deal with the customer’s needs. A warm smile always helps the consumer to open up. It makes the customer feel important and comfortable knowing that someone genuinely cares about their needs.

Scenario #2:

Imagine a situation where the customer is irritated with an unlikely incident, an error or mistake made by you or your team.  What is the most ideal way to diffuse the situation? Firstly, we are just human and nobody is perfect. Secondly, we must own up and acknowledge our mistake and finally offer apologies with a smile. The ambience will become much lighter and will be prevented from getting worse if one behaves in the most cordial and civil manner possible.

Scenario #3:

Hospitality industry works in shifts. It is important to maintain times and serve even in the ungodly hours. What if we start our duties with a smile on our face? Work will cease being an ordeal and start being much more fun. A smiling face of a single team member is enough to encourage the mood of the entire team. Smiling is contagious, so not only will it keep your mood up beat but also encourage others to stay that way.

 Scenario #4:

In the days where business development happens through the Zomatos and Tripadvisors, it is very important to have good customer reviews. Their ratings can often help get more business than your competition. A smiling face and a warm approach will help create a positive opinion about the place and add some much needed brownie points for the place of service.

Standing out in a perfectly competitive hospitality market can be achieved only by giving customers an end to end seamless service. These are essentially exclusive offerings wrapped in a cordial behaviour. The industry has evolved over the years and so has technology. But a smiling face has found no replacement. A smile on your face is therefore a pivotal tool for providing that awesome user experience in many ways. So go ahead and smile.