By Team NSHM | Jan 24, 2018

Importance of MBA to a Millennial

The Graduation results are out! There is no trace of the happening gang in college. The canteen area misses the chaotic adda vibe. Where is everyone? Well they are somewhere trying to figure out their next step. Everyone is looking for that one course that will make all the difference. There are multiple opportunities and many options which only make matters more difficult. The pressure of choosing a bright and right career is rising. We know they are not the only ones who are facing this dilemma. Thousands more like them are facing the same. At this juncture the most popular course of choice is a MBA- A course that has innumerable career gateways.

MBA as in Masters in Business Administration will give you an exposure to a core set of streams in the form of marketing, finance, advertisement, human resource and more. This course is usually spread out over a period of 2 years, post which students get to leverage their learning into real life workplace issues. But why will the millennial generation opt for MBA. Well because has a whole lot of benefits.

# Gateway to a Thriving Career

Firstly, it will open the doors to a thriving career progression which wouldn’t happen as conveniently otherwise. MBA for sure don’t guarantee you a job, but it will keep you ahead of the heap on the recruitment path.

# Expand Your Network

Studying in a business school will bless you with the access to a larger business network. This will eventually help you to expand your own network. For the un-initiated, a business network is different from making friends. It is a formal network from which one benefits in their scope of work. The alumni network of a b-school makes part of the elite gang of successful people who form your alumni. That is definitely a huge plus point while starting off your career.

# Build Your Skill-Set

Beside the networking scene, one more reason to do an MBA is that you will get to learn the art of management through simulated real-life scenarios. Add to that the practice of brainstorming, giving mock presentations, executing group discussions etc. all of which will help you develop priceless managerial skills and critical thinking.

# Master Classes from the Best

The professors that make up the faculty of a b-school are carefully chosen to develop the nascent talent in the students. Each member of the faculty will brings expert professional experience and seasoned subject matter proficiency in their respective fields. Studying in a B-school is far from just bookish definitions, you will get to experience the real scenarios in a simulated environment with a rich repertoire of case studies. This in turn will help you choose your career path wisely.

# Build a Global Career

In MBA your knowledge will not be limited to your surroundings. You will have detailed knowledge about the world scenario in a proper hawk-eye view. This knowledge will help you to understand and relate to business operations easily. This skill once developed will make you fit to work in sectors across the globe. It can also help you build a career abroad.

# A Better Pay-check

Like we said, MBA will not guarantee you a job, but more often than not, we have seen that it lands a better pay-check than most non-MBA people. This is not limited to the starting of the career but also to those who are looking to shift mid-career to progress towards a more managerial role.  So, if you have a fair work experience of 2-3 years, then also MBA will help leverage your experience for better.

# Start-up Dreams Get Realistic

If you are planning to start your venture, then the first thing you need is a MBA. Not just to sound fancy, but also to learn the tricks of the trade, understand operations and the economy as a whole. One may argue that a MBA will add nothing extra but in reality it will give you an upper hand in business when it comes to winning the trust of your investors and even customers. Innovation is something that needs to be nurtured and developed and a B-school provides just that.

MBA is a step closer to your dream. So be attentive while selecting a B-School. Check up the best colleges from the rankings that are published annually in leading newspapers. One of the best B-schools in Eastern India belongs to the NSHM Knowledge Campus. Don’t miss out on the admissions.