By Team NSHM | Jul 11, 2019

How Internet is changing the face of Media & Communication

The internet, while it may or may not be a threat to traditional media, has some undeniable advantages over it. Whether these advantages will lead to it making traditional media obsolete or add value to it is yet to be seen. But impact it has had on the world in the last two decades permeates every aspect of society.

The edge internet has over traditional media is complex and spans across many aspects. Some major ones being:

  • Interactivity: Traditional forms of media aren’t very interactive and require the involvement of other communication mediums for interactivity. Internet scores over with engaging interactions, enabling a range of activity and content not possible on traditional mediums.
  • Multi-tasking Ability: Internet based applications allow for multi-tasking when it comes to media consumption. For example, one can download movies, listen to music and read the news at the same time.
  • Accessibility: Not only does the internet let the audience interact directly with the source, it serves as a marketing tool in this sense as well. For example, social media accounts of celebrities make them feel more approachable.
  • Sense of Community: The internet has developed multiple public spheres with communities forming around similar interests, political views and social views.

Some of the major changes that have become prevalent with the advent of internet are:

  • Redefined the concept of audience due to interactivity and engagement.
  • Made communication simple and easy even across countries.
  • Changed the diffusion of work as people can not only take work home because of it but also access work documents anywhere.

While this might sum up the major changes we have been able to understand so far, how the internet and the content on it will evolve is yet to be known or properly analyzed. Many theories are being floated by experts in social science, communications, political science and economics. However, the world of media is already changing and media professionals have to keep adapting with it. One of the best ways for media professionals to stay ahead of the curve is by upgrading their education. A PG degree in Media Science is therefore an asset not only for a better job profile but also a better knowledge base. NSHM Knowledge Campus is one of the best media science institutes in Eastern India and offers UG & PG courses in media to make students industry ready. Explore your options here