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Choice Based Extended Learning

CBEL is Choice Based Extended Learning (CBEL) which is an exciting design to bring NSHM learners across all programmes and levels (UG-to-PG) in a cohort of CBEL programme, as per their choice. NSHM is one of the top education centres in India that offers 50+ CBEL programmes of 20-40 hours duration under 10 baskets.

The baskets are replete with curated multi-disciplinary programmes of useful and productive learning beyond the programmes of study of a learner. Moreover, CBEL will be all about active learning and are intended to extend the joy of learning through engaging activities. The maximum a learner can choose per semester is 4 programmes and the minimum one programme.

Knowledge Partners

NSHM has tie-ups with multiple apex bodies in various disciplines which are knowledge hubs in their own right. This gives students access to cutting edge information in relevant domains enriching their overall learning experience.

Through workshops, training programs, supervised project work and special lectures, organized in collaboration with the partners, students acquire skills and in-depth knowledge, that helps to groom them into industry-ready professionals.


The pursuit of academic excellence at NSHM is further propelled by its Research wing. Research assignments are undertaken by NSHM faculty members and are funded by the government as well as private bodies.

Students are also taken on board to provide assistance in conducting research. This helps to strengthen their knowledge base and develop their analytical and critical thinking abilities. Research is conducted in multiple areas and it helps to improve the quality of academics at the institute.

Centres of Excellence

The 5 Centres of Excellence at NSHM Knowledge Campus are committed to contribute towards the holistic development of the students by nurturing their talents through unique programmes and initiatives which are devised and carried out by experts.

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