By Team NSHM | Dec 6, 2022

Guide to choosing the right MBA specialization

MBA or Masters in Business Administration is a degree that gives students a good understanding of business or the corporate world on the whole. Students pursuing this program get to learn about various domains of work like human resources, finance, marketing, operations etc. MBA also offers many electives which the students need to select as this determines their specialization. While there are ample choices for students, it is important to note that the electives must be selected after careful consideration of one’s areas of interest as otherwise the whole thing would feel like a burden.

Since the job market today is all about cut-throat competition, the mere mention of business management degree in your CV automatically gives you a competitive edge. More so, if your alma mater is a college like NSHM, one of the most reputed institutions for management studies.

Although a degree from a good management school will help you land a job, in order to be successful in your business management career you must have the right skills and should be able to prove your worth. As such, selecting the right subject for your specialization is important and here’s a quick guide on how to go about it.

Understand the market

There are many job roles that are about to become obsolete in the near future. You should as such try and take up subjects that will never lose their relevance and whose demand is sure to increase with the changing socio-economic conditions. Subjects like Finance, human resource management etc. will always be relevant and can give you a good landing in your career.

Understand your area of interest

An MBA degree gives people an all-round perspective of how businesses run which is why its relevance never fades. However, if your interest area lies elsewhere and instead of the regular HR, Operations or Finance you want to specialize in something else, you should choose the stream carefully. For instance, if your interest lies in helping people you can go for healthcare management or if computers fascinate you, you can go for MBA in IT.

Chalk out a blue print of your life’s goals

Before opting for a specialization in MBA, try to evaluate where you see yourself ten years down the line. If you are someone who likes to be in a leadership position, operations management could be a good stream to opt for. On the other hand, if you have plans of starting a new business, the academic and practical knowledge gained from an MBA degree will help you in many ways.

Know your field well

When you are into a professional course like an MBA, you can never expect to get placed in a good company if you are not aware of all that is happening in that domain. As such, you must try to opt for a stream that you genuinely like to read and know more about. For instance if you want to take up finance, go ahead with the plans only if you like to keep a track of how the stock markets are performing, how certain events like wars and pandemics can impact the global economy and so on.

It is thus important to note that simply getting admission into a reputed college will work in your favor and guarantee success, only if you are doing what you love and are genuinely interested in.