Apr 27, 2018

“Walk in the Dark” at Victoria Memorial, Kolkata


Join us for a noble cause. This Sunday, 29th April, “Walk in the Dark” at Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, from 7.30am-9.00am, to lend your support towards the prevention of blindness campaign of India Vision Institute supported by NSHM Knowledge Campus Kolkata.

The walk is organized in collaboration with Essilor India Pvt Ltd as part of their “Think about your eyes” campaign and is supported by NSHM Knowledge Campus Kolkata. The Australian High Commissioner to India Ms. Harinder Sidhu, as well as several other dignitaries, are expected to join the event.

The Walk is a unique awareness initiative conceptualized by India Vision Institute to raise awareness about refractive error, a major cause of ‘avoidable’ blindness in India. The event will be a forum to sensitize participants and the general public to the difficulties faced by the visually challenged, and the commendable way in which they work around their disability. A group of visually challenged and normal sighted children will walk with adults, opinion makers and high-level dignitaries along the route. The normal sighted children and any others willing to participate blindfolded will walk guided by the visually challenged children.

Special Instruction for participants:

– All participating students shall be handed over ‘Kits’ (Cap + T shirt +info.mat) between 26th-28th April at NSHM Knowledge Campus Kolkata.

– They need to wear this kit for the walk on 29th April, in front of North Gate, Victoria Memorial by 7 am.

– Kits are available on a first come first serve basis please.

– Staff and Faculty shall also get ‘Kits’ for participation.

– Pre-confirmed participation from Durgapur shall receive their ‘Kits’ on venue.