Feb 25, 2019

Thai Cuisine Workshop at NSHM

Thai cuisine is beloved the world over. And Thailand, being a popular tourist destination for Indians, is a country whose cuisine is quickly catching on in India. With strong components of sweet and spicy flavors as well as robust fragrances Thai food has become a staple in menus all over the country. To give our students insight into the rich culture and complex cuisine of Thailand, NSHM School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Durgapur is teaming up with the Royal Thailand Consulate to present Thai Cuisine To The World.

The event will consist of appearances and presentations from the staff at the Royal Thailand Consulate including the honorable Deputy Consul-General, Venus Asawapoom.

The highlight of the workshop will be Thai Chef, Mrs. Vipada Yimcharoen, who will demonstrate the preparation of two succulent Thai dishes:
-Tom Kha, a main course savoury dish &
-Fak Thong Kaeng Buat, a dessert comprising of pumpkin in sweet coconut milk.

Delegates From The Royal Thai Consulate
The following dignitaries will be gracing us with their presence & knowledge at the event
Ms. Venus Asawapoom
Deputy Consul-General

Mrs. Vipada Yimcharoen
Thai Chef from the residence of the Consul-General

Ms. Pisamorn Nontasri
Staff at the residence of Consul-General

Mrs. Riya Ganguli Burman
Local Administrative Staff

Mr. Koranit Wichiar
Intern at the Consulate