Apr 22, 2019

Techathon 2019

Techathon 2019 is coming up on the 25th April and is packed with every activity that techies and gamers desire. Take part in this inter-departmental event which will comprise of contests and tournaments such as:
  • Science and Technical Contest: Face-off against other departments in teams of 2-3 and show off your technical know-how and presentation skills.
  • Quiz Competition: Teams of 2 from each department face-off in this battle of wits.
  • Technical Exhibition and Contest: This event pits individual techies against each other in an exhibition format contest.
  • Gaming Tournament: Teams of 4 from each department face-off against each other in one of the most popular video games ever, PubG.
Registrations close on the 24th of April, so register now by contacting the Tech-Knights or R&D Club.  For inquiry, contact Mr. Subhendu Barat at 9475140216.