Dec 6, 2018

A brief look at the session by Mr. Srinivas Kapu at Edge Session 3

Edge Session 3 on “People Issues in ERP Implementation”
by Mr. Srinivas Kapu at NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata
on 15th November

Mr. Kapu addressed the students on the role of people, process and technology in the implementation of modern concepts of AI, RPI, and neural networking. Among the three, People is the most important component that drives the need for upgraded technology and process. Use of technology and process might increase in the coming years, but the people quotient cannot be substituted.

In today’s market to augment one needs to move above the technology and process savvy level. For people, the need of the hour is to be more practice-oriented and visualize one’s worth. Practice makes them efficient adding real worth that is the true value addition.

Currently, as Director- Americas (ERP Deployments), Pfizer Inc., based in Philadelphia, USA, Mr. Srinivas has over 25 years of Industry, Business, and Business Technology experience to help define and realize corporate objectives by effectively aligning core business processes and information systems. He has successfully led and implemented many enterprise-level deployments in the Americas, Europe, and Asia across industries like Pharma, FMCG, Publishing, Telecommunications, Food Services, Paper and Pulp, Packaging.