Feb 5, 2019

National Conference on Collaborative Health Sciences(NATCONPH’2019) – Visions for the Future

The main problem plaguing the Healthcare sector in India is how to reduce healthcare costs while at the same time upgrade its quality without putting pressure on public health institutions to deliver efficient and effective service. Seamless collaboration and a common goal among healthcare professionals is the need of the hour today. NATCONPH 2019 or National Conference on Collaborative Health Sciences – Visions for the Future is a platform which promotes interactive discussions and insightful lectures by celebrated personalities from the healthcare and pharma sectors.

Inter-professional education is a step towards providing higher quality patient care by producing collaborative and practice-ready healthcare professionals who appreciate each others’ roles in the healthcare setting. Presentations and discussions from notable professionals will deliberate on the difficulties and openings in Research and modernization with appropriate emphasis on collaborative health sciences.

Some of the major topics that would be discussed are:

– Drug Design & Advances in Drug Delivery Systems.
– Role of Developmental Partners in National Health Mission.
– Implementation of Machine Learning, 3D Technology, Robotics, and Big Data Management.
– Clinic to Community – A Road to Success in Vision 2020

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