Aug 6, 2019

Kolkata Batch Launch 2019

NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata is all set to welcome it’s future ambassadors.

School Programmes Date Time Venue
NSHM Business School UG 14.8.19 12.00 noon Pharmacy Seminar Hall
BBA(Supply Chain Management)
BBA(Global Business)
BBA(Sports Management)
PG 14.8.19 10:00 AM Executive Classroom
NSHM Institute of Hotel & Tourism Management B.Sc. In Hospitality & Hotel Administration 17.8.19 10.30 AM Pharmacy Seminar Hall
B.Sc.(Culinary Science)
Bachelor of Travel & Tourism Management (BTTM)
M.Sc.(Hospitality Management)
NSHM Design School B.Sc. In Interior Design 13.8.19 10.00 AM SHE – 61
B.Sc. In Multimedia, Animation & Graphics
B.Sc. In Fashion Design & Management
M.Sc.(Fashion Management)
M.Sc. (Animation & Graphic Design)
NSHM Institute of Health Sciences B.Pharm 5.8.19 11.00 AM Pharmacy Seminar Hall
B.Sc. in Behavioral & Applied Psychology 16.8.19 10.00 AM Pharmacy Seminar Hall
BBA(Healthcare Management)
M.Pharm. 19.8.19 10.00 AM Pharmacy Seminar Hall
Master of Hospital Administration(MHA)
Master of Public Health (MPH)
M. Optometry
M.Sc. (Clinical Psychology)
NSHM Media School Slot 1- UG 13.8.19 10.00 AM Media AV Room
B.Sc. Media Science
B.Sc. (Film & Television)
Slot 2- PG 13.8.19 10.00 AM Media AV Room
M.Sc. in Media Science
M.Sc.(Film & Television)
NSHM Institute of Computing & Analytics BCA 19.8.19 10.30 AM Media AV Room
B.Sc. in Data Science
B.Sc. in Cyber Security
B.Sc. in Computer Science
B.Sc. in Data Science & Analytics
M.Sc. In Information & Cyber Security