May 18, 2020

Fast Track Career Guidance Session

Fast Track Career Guidance with Jai Shankar & Vikrant Tomer- Hospitality

Career guidance is the biggest help in deciding the ideal career path students want to pursue. This assistance was made available for aspirants even during the pandemic to help them identify their true calling.

How did Mr. Tomer land up in the Hotel business?
Much like our aspirants, Mr. Vikrant Tomer did not come from a hospitality background. He shared growing up in any army family with pure science in XII-th standard. When it came to choosing his career, his neighbour, who worked in a hotel, was a major influence. His dressing and lifestyle attracted him and so charmed by this young Vikrant chose to move into the hospitality industry.

What are the current Industry prospects?
The industry is the second largest employer after the government all over the world. Hospitality is growing out of hotels and tourism to corporate, hospitals and even residential communities, retail and banking. Therefore the prospects look good in the next 3-4 years.

Skills and aptitude for success?
To succeed in Hospitality the keywords are: Communication, Empathy, Understanding Human Behaviour, Travel & above all Servitude.

His advice for students.
If one is seeking glamour, lifestyle and yet respect, this is the career to step into.

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