Nov 26, 2018

Dr. James Gomez of Asia Centre, Thailand & Malaysia

Dr. James Gomez is Chair, Board of Directors of Asia Centre, a not-for-profit organization that seeks to create human rights impact in the region.

He is responsible for strategic development and regionalization of the Centre, overseeing operations in both Thailand and Malaysia and leading the partnerships for the Centre’s many activities in other parts of the region. Dr. Gomez brings to Asia Centre over 25 years of international and regional experience in leadership roles at universities, think-tanks, inter-governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations. He is the convener of Asia Centre’s upcoming international conference on Fake News and Elections in Asia, 10-12 July, Bangkok, Thailand.

The following is the schedule of his campus visit on 29th November, 2018
2: 00 PM Arrival in Campus

2:00-2:15 PM: Tea with Prof. Chatterjee

2:20-3:00 PM : Session with Faculty & Students

3:05-4:00 PM : Interaction with Academic Leaders